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The Media Express is focusing on issues related to the Middle East and North Africa region. Our network of reporters, editors, photo and video journalists are each established in their field. As a reader you can expect to find analysis, commentary, investigative reports and insight. The website brings you the latest news how we see, but also on social media where you can follow the conversation.

Where we’re based

The Media Express is based in Paris, a centre for press and media, also political activity and international affairs in Europe.

What can I read?

Recent news and analysis, exclusive interviews, and special photo, video and audio reportage.

Critical viewpoints

One of the objectives of The Media Express is to provide you with accurate and challenging news, engage you with what’s happening and to let you discover your own narrative on issues related to world politics.

Our sources

We work with sources who live and work in different regions.

Can I contribute?

We embrace and welcome your comments. Also if you spot any corrections then please do let us know. To submit your own article, images and other media please visit our contributions page. Some of the Images are posted by the contributors and our policy is to use the royalty free images and we would not take any responsibility for any dispute. We are happy to remove and replace them.

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