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Iran: 35-year-old woman set herself on fire after authorities razed her house

A 35-year-old woman set herself ablaze when municipal forces destroyed her shelter.

Iran—A 35-year-old woman in the port city of Bandar Abbas set herself on fire after security forces destroyed her house.

She was a poor, single, and unemployed mother living in her small self-made home with her children. Iran’s security forces stormed her house and destroyed it because she did not have a government permit for living in the place. Left with no shelter nor any prospect for life, the woman self-immolated after the incident.

Esmail Movahhedi Nejad, deputy for civil services in the Municipality of Bandar Abbas, confirmed that the woman set herself ablaze.

He said: “During the razing, she suddenly set herself on fire… She suffered 17 percent burns which is mostly on her left arm” (state-run, November 20, 2020).

According to local officials, the woman suffered substantial burns and is undergoing treatment at a local hospital while her children have been rendered homeless.

Locals filmed the incident and posted it on social media, which drew a widespread wave of public anger and outrage across the country. added that three women and their five children lived in this small room.

Fereydoun Hemati, the provincial governor of Hormozgan, criticized the security agents for “damaging the reputation of the municipality” and “disrupting public opinion.”

Earlier this year, in Kermanshah, western Iran, the security forces destroyed another home, belonging to the 58-year-old Asieh Panahi, and killed her in the process. The judiciary denied having any responsibility and only promised to investigate the issue.

In recent weeks, Iran’s security forces destroyed the houses of residents of Zardoui Village in Paveh (Kermanshah Province), Golshahr district of Chabahar (Sistan and Baluchestan Province), Hajiabad village in Hormozgan, and Ismailabad village in Mashhad (Razavi Khorasan Province).

While the country suffers its worst economic crisis, this is another failure of the Iranian government toward helping its people. In recent years, government mismanagement has caused an economic woe that resulted in a devaluation of the country’s currency, skyrocketing prices, and low incomes.

This has increased self-made homes in the suburbs of cities due to increasing poverty among the population.

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