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Anniversary of Iraq Uprising, Protests Spread in Iraqi Cities

Iraqi demonstrators marked the beginning of their uprising, also known as the “October Revolution,” on Thursday. According to ELAPH news agency, “crowds of Iraqi demonstrators began Thursday with marches and rallies in Baghdad, and in central and southern provinces of Iraq.” Protesters called for an end to Iran’s hegemony in Iraq and systematic corruption in their country. The Iraqi demonstrators called for the trial of the former prime minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and those who were involved with him in killing protesters. The demonstrators declared they will continue their protests until they achieve their goal, which is achieving justice.

In Tahrir Square, the center of the protests in Baghdad, millions of activities and rallies were launched. Students, women, and youth were commemorating the beginning of their revolution, which ultimately ended in the resignation of the previous government.

Demonstrators’ requests

Demonstrator’s demands include a public trial for those who gave the orders to kill, kidnap, torture and arrest peaceful activists, led by then-Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and any faction involved in killing the demonstrators. Protesters also said that Iraq should join the International Criminal Court so that the trials are conducted with fair international supervision that is neither politicized nor biased.

The coordination bodies of the “October 1 Revolution” also demanded the approval of a law for the elections. The protesters demanded an election only after the arms are confined to the hands of the state.

The demonstrators also demanded the independence of the High Electoral Commission and to keep it away from being affected by sectarian laws, as well as to activate the political parties law by revealing sources of funding and criminalizing communication with countries at the expense of Iraq’s sovereignty and interests.

And they stressed that they “are continuing to take back the homeland from the killers and thieves, and the mafias of the parties and their armed forces.”

Threatening to march on Baghdad

The demonstrators’ coordination groups warned that if these demands were not fulfilled, the people, led by the youth, will march on the 25th of this month to Baghdad to bring down the parliament, “which was born from the elections of fraud, threats, bribery and damned quotas.”

It is noteworthy that millions of popular protests erupted in Iraq on the first of October 2019 against corruption and the loss of necessary public services and to demand job opportunities through calls on social media platforms. In addition to the rejection of Iranian hegemony over Iraq’s affairs, which resulted the killing of 568 demonstrators and the injury of 21,000 others. At the end it led to forcing former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to submit his resignation on the first of November 2019.

Then the head of the Intelligence Service, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, assumed the presidency of the government after months of political stalemate. He promised to hold the security forces those who applied violence against the demonstrators and killed them accountable. He promised also to take care of the families of the martyrs and the treatment of the wounded.

Source: ELAPH website

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