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Iraqi rebellious storm sites belonging to Iran-backed militias

Iraq, Roham Yaqub, Mustafa Kazemi, The Iraqi rebellious youth

After the destruction of the offices of Iran-backed Badr Corps, the Asaeb and the National Wisdom Movement (Tayar al-Hikmah al-Watani) and the Dawa Party of Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi rebellious youth in Nasiriyah gathered in Habubi Square. They celebrated this victory and getting rid of the offices of parties and gangs affiliated with the Iranian Quds Force.

In Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, youths expressed their solidarity with the rebellious youth in Nasiriyah and they emphasized their determination to continue the uprising until all its goals were achieved.

Following the beginning of protests in Basra after the assassination of some political activists, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kazemi went to Basra on Sunday, 23 September, hours after returning from Washington, and met with the family of Dr. Roham Yaqub, an activist woman in Iraq who was assassinated a few days ago.

“Iraq’s future is not built on the assassination of activists and a deceptive media campaigns that shed their blood. It is definitely not built with the firing of rockets aimed at seeing the departure of one foreign force for the interest of another. The future is also not built with the disregard of the constitution and staging of elections amid tensions. There can be no future without first passing through the state and institutions”, Asharq Al-Awsat wrote on Monday.

Analysts say the Iranian regime is trying to divert Iraqi protests through proxy groups under the slogan “against the US occupation”. The reason is that the Iraqi uprisings has caused the Iranian regime to lose its hegemony in the region and severely weakened it. Given Iran’s internal conditions and the Iranian protests that began in November 2019, the loss of Iraq will further shake the Iranian regime, and the prospects for the future will be bleak.

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