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32,000 Coronavirus Deaths, Rouhani Wants to Re-Open Iranian Economy

Iranian economy, Coronavirus Despite at least 32,000 coronavirus deaths in Iran, Rouhani wants to resume the Iranian economy

Despite at least 32,000 coronavirus deaths in Iran, with infections and deaths rising every day, the regime wants to ease quarantine guidelines in a bid to resume normal economic activities.

President Hassan Rouhani ignored numerous warnings from health officials and experts and wants to re-open the Iranian economy. So he ordered the Health Ministry to work with the Security and Social Committee of the Coronavirus Task Force in order to resume non-essential work, which will mean that thousands more will be infected with the coronavirus.

The regime lied and said that there have only been just over 5,031 coronavirus deaths in the country. This wild claim is refuted by sources on the ground all across Iran, who spoke to Iran Human Rights Monitor recently.

A personnel member at Tehran’s Sina Hospital said 19 coronavirus patients were admitted between 5.00 and 7.30 pm on Wednesday, with seven of them sent straight to the ICU. The patients tested positive for the disease and their families should have been told to isolate, but hospital authorities did not take this measure. In fact, some patients were sent home on public transit, where they may well have spread the disease further.

In Rasht, a resident explained that people have been posting signs about the deaths of children aged 4-10, but that the regime and the state-run media have not acknowledged this.

In Karaj, the husband of a nurse said that 2-3 people die each day from coronavirus, but that government inspectors are not allowing them to be registered as such. Furthermore, the bodies are not handed over to the families but taken to unknown locations by security agents.

In Kermanshah, there is a high death toll because of a lack of resources in the hospitals and money to pay for doctors, which means that hardly anyone is getting the care they need. At Farabi Hospital on Wednesday, a staff member said that the number of deaths was so high that there are no containers left to hold corpses. Worse still, coronavirus patients are being hospitalized in the general wards near other patients, which is causing the virus to spread, but hospital officials are doing nothing.

In Mashhad on Tuesday, a resident wrote: “The entire city is ravaged by coronavirus and incompetence of officials. The red alert is still in place but people are poor and they have to go to work. The streets are busy as if there is no such thing as coronavirus. Terminals and schools are the only places still shut down.”

While a worker at Shariati hospital in the city advised that the government’s official figures be multiplied by ten, because those on the round are prevented from reporting figures and that the testing system means many die before the results come through.

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