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Iran Regime Should Not Have Sanctions Lifted

Struan, Stevenson, Iran, Sanctions Struan Stevenson, a former member of the European Parliament

Iran is “grasping at straws” in a desperate attempt to convince the US to end its maximum pressure campaign and remove sanctions because of the coronavirus crisis, according to the Coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change (CIC).

Struan Stevenson, a former member of the European Parliament, explained that the regime is not only underreporting the true number of deaths and infections – claiming a death toll of just 4,000 when the Iranian Resistance is reporting 28,000 deaths – but that they are also wasting the money they already have to fund proxy militias across the Middle East, start wars, repress the people, and continue their missile program.

Therefore, how would the money help the people? It would be siphoned off by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) who control 70% of the county’s economy.

Stevenson said: “Of course, we don’t want to deny help to the people of Iran. They have suffered enough under the fascist dictatorship of the mullahs, who have no care for human life.”

However, he reveals that the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has billions of dollars that could help the 75% of Iranians living under the poverty line, but as this has not been done, how can we ensure that the mullahs would distribute funds to those in need rather than lining their own pockets.

Iran is using its well-paid lobbyists to claim poverty and beg for US sanctions to end, saying that it is stopping them from getting necessary equipment. But everyone should know that the sanctions don’t stop medicinal or humanitarian supplies from being sent.

The regime rejected US aid and expelled Doctors Without Borders because they were more concerned about hiding their underfunded health-care system and their lies about death and infection rates.

Stevenson said: “This is an evil regime. They have shown themselves willing to murder, imprison and torture unarmed protesters. They have become the world’s number one executioner on a per-capita basis. They have stolen the Iranian people’s wealth to finance war and terror abroad and to pursue an aggressive nuclear policy at home. They are a pariah state and the best cure for all of the ills affecting the Iranian people would be for this regime to fall and for democracy, freedom, justice, human rights, women’s rights, an end to corruption, an end to their nuclear and ballistic missile programme, an end to the proxy wars and an end to international terror.”

He then put his faith behind the Iranian Resistance and its leader Maryam Rajavi, saying that the West should support her rather than the mullahs.

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