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Rouhani Lies About Coronavirus in Iran

Hassan Rouhani coronavirus Iran Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is continuing to lie about the coronavirus outbreak in Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is continuing to lie about the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, which is engulfing his country, claiming that the death toll in Iran is not “so high that the dead must be transferred with freezer trucks”.

Rouhani, like most Iranian officials, wants to hide the regime’s negligence and incompetence over the crisis that has led to over 26,000 deaths so far – the highest in the world. So he claims that the health system in Iran is ready to face the coronavirus, even if that’s not what is being reported by medical staff.

Abdolreza Fazl, the head of the University of Medical Sciences of Golestan Province, said: “In total 350 people of the medical cadres of the Golestan Province are infected and suspect of acute respiratory disease and coronavirus and six doctors are in bad conditions.”
While the head of Ardebil’s Khomeini hospital reported that the hospital is full and that medical staff are becoming infected.

Even some Iranian officials are beginning to admit the scale of the crisis, as the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) shares videos of coronavirus victims falling down in the streets because they have no access to necessary facilities, and as public hospitals report being understaffed and underfunded, with over 100 deaths of medical staff from coronavirus.

Of course, the regime officials have little option other than admit the truth or stick their heads in the stand, because they lost all plausible deniability when the MEK released government documents that proved the mullahs knew about the coronavirus outbreak as early as February 3 but hid it to boost turnout for the revolution anniversary parades and the election.

The regime is terrified over the MEK’s revelations, which are causing fewer and fewer people to pay attention to anything that the mullahs are saying, but cannot do anything to stop the flow of information.

Rouhani is too scared to mention the MEK’s name when he accused them of “spreading rumours” and threatened that the “police, Basij, IRGC and armed forces” would be cracking down on free speech.

However, even officials are acknowledging that their lies over the coronavirus have spurred public anger and international doubt over the regime’s accuracy of statistics and commitment to dealing with the crisis.

Rouhani promised around $6 billion in the new government budget to fight the coronavirus in Iran, which was a lie because Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei refused to allocate the $1 billion from the national reserve fund that Rouhani already asked for.

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