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Floods in Iran Cause $325 Million in Damages

Floods in Iran The floods in Iran cause damages

The devastating recent floods in Kerman province, south-central Iran, have caused over 50 trillion rials (around $325 million) in damages, with the bridge at the entrance of the city of Kahnuj destroyed and the 2,000 heads of small and large livestock killed in the town of South Rudbar alone.

But, as always, the regime will not help the people, something that even the state-run Resalat daily admitted in its article on April 5, where they said “no one is paying attention”.

The state outlet wrote: “Many southern and eastern villages in this province are among the poorest areas of the country. Locals are desperate to just make ends meet. Due to the lack of infrastructure, the farmers who suffered from floods last year are once again facing a new catastrophe and left to endure a huge amount of damage.”

Meanwhile, in Kalat-e Naderi, Khorasan Razavi Province, northeast Iran, intensive rain on Sunday led to floods, but the mayor told the state-run ISNA news agency that they have a shortage of heavy machinery to help during crisis situations, like floods. The equipment they do have dates back to before the Iranian Revolution and is completely worn out.

The mayor said: “Although during last year’s floods officials pledged to allocate budgets necessary to compensate the inflicted damages, due to the decrease in credit resources across the country only a portion of these pledges has been fulfilled.”

It should be noted that the mullahs’ regime has not yet presented a report of casualties and damages resulting from the floods in April or March 2019.

The floods in March 2019 killed dozens, injured many more, and caused a great amount of damages across 19 provinces including:

  • East Azerbaijan
  • Bushehr
  • Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari
  • South Khorasan
  • Khorasan Razavi
  • North Khorasan
  • Khuzestan
  • Semnan
  • Sistan & Baluchistan
  • Fars
  • Qazvin
  • Qom
  • Kerman
  • Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed
  • Golestan
  • Gilan
  • Mazandaran
  • Markazi (Central)
  • Hormozgan

At the time, Maryam Rajavi, head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), expressed her condolences to those devastated by these floods and urged people in neighbouring areas to rush to their aid.

Other damage included:

  • At least 12 dead and 21 injured
  • 10,000 hectares of farmland engulfed, which meant about $30 million in damages to the already deprived farmers
  • 11 bridges destroyed in Iranshahr
  • Floodwaters above car roofs in Borazjan
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