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Iran: Regime Knew About Coronavirus Weeks Before Admitting It

Coronavirus in Iran Coronavirus has now killed over 14,000 people in Iran

There is more evidence every day that the Iranian regime knew coronavirus (COVID-19) had hit the country and concealed it for weeks to bolster turnout at the revolutionary anniversary and the election. This virus has now killed over 14,000 people in Iran.

On March 26, the state-run ILNA news agency reported that Velayat Hospital in Qazvin has been dealing with coronavirus cases since February 4, citing photos of an order to staff about coronavirus by the hospital’s management.

The regime didn’t admit that coronavirus was in Iran until February 19, after two people died in Qom.

On March 25, ILNA published an interview with a nurse who said that it had been 51 days since hospital staff for became involved with the coronavirus, but just one day later the regime forced the nurse to retract this statement and say they weren’t dealing with coronavirus until February 25, which is a contradiction of even the regime’s comments.

Mashhad MP Shiran Khorasani said in an interview that he demanded the city be quarantined, but the higher-ups refused. He then contradicted claims by President Hassan Rouhani that the country had enough hospital beds, saying that patients are being told “they are not sick and must return home”, despite serious illness. Khorasani also noted that the regime is hiding the true death toll by recording the deaths as ‘acute respiratory disease’, with 450 dead in Khorasan alone.

The regime’s lies are exposed in their contradictions. Rouhani says there’s no shortage of protective material or hospital beds, so death tolls are small, while Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says US sanctions have caused a shortage of medicines and medical equipment, which is killing people.

The sanctions, of course, have exemptions for humanitarian aid and the US has already offered help, which the regime refused. Why? Because the regime’s goal is to get the sanctions lifted, not to save the lives of its people. This way, the regime can have billions of dollars available to spend on terrorism and warmongering.

The regime wants to use this crisis to ease sanctions, which essentially makes hostages out of its people. The people are not happy to be used like this, so this will cause mass protests as soon as the coronavirus danger has passed.

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said: “The main answer to ‘what must be done?’ is a decisive action which would reap great good from this immense evil. And that is to rise up and struggle, and to resist against the clerical regime. There is a single solution for coronavirus, for poverty, for oppression and tyranny. That solution is overthrowing the mullahs’ religious dictatorship in its entirety.”

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