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Iran Coronavirus Outbreak: ACANU Holds Conference

Association of Accredited Correspondents at the United Nations (ACANU)

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has been reporting on the Coronavirus outbreak in Iran since it started. Unlike the Iranian regime, it has reported truthfully and openly about the situation – exactly what the World Health Organization (WHO), scientists and doctors have been calling for as the only way to get in control of the situation.

On Monday 23rd March the Association of Accredited Correspondents at the United Nations (ACANU) held a web conference. The Chairman of the NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin participated in the conference and expressed great concern about the spread of Coronavirus across Iran.

He also detailed how the situation got so out of control and why the death rate is so high.

The situation in Iran is critical and Mr. Mohaddessin raised four main points about the evolving crisis. He first mentioned that almost 10,000 people across Iran had died (as of Sunday afternoon) – a figure that has been reported by the main opposition to the Iranian regime – the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK), because the regime has failed to accurately report information. The PMOI / MEK has been able to obtain fairly accurate information by liaising with medical centres and hospitals in Iran and from the people themselves. He emphasised that the “trend in Iran is accelerating and is alarming”. In Qom alone, around 60 to 70 people are dying every day, with more than 3,000 fatalities in this one province.

Mr Mohaddessin explained that the crisis has reached such a level in Iran because the regime has failed to inform the public in a timely manner and it has also neglected to take appropriate action. The regime knew about the outbreak long before it finally admitted cases had been recorded, simply because it did not want to affect attendance levels at the Islamic Revolution celebrations and the Parliamentary elections.

Furthermore, and against recommendations, the Iranian regime allowed flights between Iran and China to continue for more than a month.
Countries around the world are helping their people as best they can. Workers are being compensated and measures are being set up to ensure that people do not get driven into poverty while they are isolating at home to prevent the spread of the virus and to stop hospitals from becoming saturated. Iran’s president, in contrast, has simply declared that it is “the counter-revolutionaries’ conspiracy to shut down businesses and economic activity in Iran”. He declared that he would not let this happen, instead preferring to endanger the lives of even more citizens.

The health crisis in Iran is being exploited by politicians and they are blaming foreign powers, in particular the United States. Some officials have gone as far as to accuse the US of engineering the virus to target Iran.

Mr Mohaddessin emphasised that Iran is the only country that is working against the people during this health crisis that not only threatens Iran but also other countries in the region. He called on the UN Security Council to compel the regime to make all relevant statistics public. He also said that prisoners, especially political prisoners, should be released immediately to prevent a “human catastrophe”.

And finally, he said: “All assistance to Iran should be sent and distributed directly by the international agencies. Otherwise, they will be stolen by the regime.”

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