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Iran Doctor Says Coronavirus Outbreak “out of Control”

Coronavirus in Iran Coronavirus in Iran

A doctor in Isfahan said Iran’s coronavirus outbreak is “out of control”, according to an audio file published on social media.

Dr Behrouz Keleidar, who seems to be addressing a group of other doctors, said: “Unfortunately, the conditions are much worse than we thought. Around 83 people suspected of coronavirus are hospitalized in Isfahan. Their test results have still not come in, but you know that from their CT scans, it’s clear that they have coronavirus. When this number of people are infected, it can be said that more than 12,000 carriers are in the city of Isfahan that don’t know they’re infected.”

While we are not able to independently confirm the audio yet, it was provided by a credible source and the Iranian regime has a history of covering up crises that threaten the stability of its regime.

Keleidar explains that several people in the city have already died from coronavirus and that more victims will soon die, with figures rising all across the country, but also informs us that many hospital staff have been infected too.

He said: “What has us concerned is this chaos and lack of planning and everyone is confused even though we warned ministries from one month ago that if they ignore the issue, we have to wait for a catastrophe. But unfortunately, they did not take heed as they should have, and they did not take any precautions from before.”

He continued: “Programs for public awareness and education of the people was not carried out. The situation was published one day after elections because it was planned that this is done after elections. Unfortunately, like always, (officials) look at this issue from a security perspective. I told the governor and he also said that the reason behind the cover-up was orders from officials.”

Keleidar further explained that officials are unwilling to close schools, even though two kids are already infected. This is a serious problem because all viruses spread more easily among children anyway and those with compromised immune systems are more likely to contract the disease. This could easily infect thousands of kids.

On Monday, the Iranian MP for Qom said that 50 people died of the virus in his city, which is the epicentre of Iran’s coronavirus outbreak, and accused the regime of a cover-up. While Iran’s Health Ministry said 16 people had died and 95 were infected overall.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged the regime to “tell the truth” about the outbreak on Tuesday, saying that the US was “deeply concerned” Iran has covered up details.

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