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Iraq’s Anti-Iran Regime Uprising Continued

Iraq Protests Protesters in Iraq chanting “Iran, out, out!” to demand an end to the corrupt groups linked to the Iranian regime.

On the last day of January, the Iraqi people’s anti-Iranian regime uprising escalated in places like Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar province, Kut, Kirkuk, and Najaf.

Protesters in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square were seen chanting “Iran, out, out!” to demand an end to the corrupt groups linked to the Iranian regime. While those in Al Wathba and Al Khilani squares reported that the oppressive security forces of the Iraqi government and the Iranian-backed militias were using live ammunition against demonstrators.

Sky News reported that these clashes left a number of people injured as thousands of protesters poured into the streets, chanting against the Iranian regime and holding flags of the United Nations and European Union, as they asked for international support against the crackdown.

The news agency wrote: “Hundreds of people began pouring into demonstration sites following speeches delivered by senior religious figures. Many have also been travelling to Baghdad to join the demonstrations in the capital’s Tahrir Square. It is worth noting that the use of constant violence against peaceful demonstrations is rejected and continued efforts to disrupt their protests through the use of force are seriously condemned.”

In Nasiriyah, the protesters said they would escalate the uprising until the corrupt political parties ruling Iraq are overthrown.
In Al Fohud and Shatreh, Dhi Qar Province, major demonstrations were held demanding that government corruption and the Iranian regime’s meddling in their country end.

The activists said that a number of armed individuals wearing civilian clothing were stationed in unlicensed vehicles near Hobubi Square, which is why protesters placed cement blocks around the square as self-defence measures.

In Kirkuk, a city that has not seen such protests in recent times, protesters expressed their solidarity with rallies in Baghdad and other provinces.

In Kut, demonstrators held a ceremony for a young protester killed by Iran-backed militia members who opened fire on demonstrators.

In Najaf, a senior religious figure issued a warning to the mullahs’ and gave the Iranian regime 48 hours to close down its embassy and consulates across Iraq.

Hassan Al Mousavi wrote on Twitter: “The Iranian regime has 48 hours to close down its embassy and consulates in Iraq. If this demand of ours is not met, we will adopt even stronger positions against this regime.”

Other senior Iraqi religious figures are calling for early parliamentary elections, as they believe this might end the crisis, but these remarks led to an increase in the number of demonstrations across the country.

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