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Iran: Shocking Abuse of Political Prisoners by Iranian Regime

Suicide in Iran Prisoners in Iran are denied the most basic of human rights.

The human rights situation in Iran is atrocious and human rights organisations across the world are highlighting the abuse imposed by authorities.

Prisoners in Iran are denied the most basic of human rights. Recent reports indicate that Fashafuyeh Prison is one of the most notorious when it comes to the mistreatment of prisoners. The prison has been relatively unheard of on the human rights scene until very recently.

Brave prisoners have testified to the horrific conditions that they are subjected to, as well as to the inhumane torture that is inflicted upon them.

Intelligence agents of the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are behind much of the mistreatment of prisoners in Fashafuyeh. Reports indicate that prisoners have been severely beaten by the agents and then denied medical treatment. Some prisoners have even be scalded with boiling water.

Some male prisoners have been severely beaten on the testicles to such an extent that they now have long-term problems.

As well as physical torture, many prisoners have been psychologically tortured. Some have been denied calls to their families or lawyers.

Sexual abuse is also rampant in prisons across Iran. At the end of last year, Kurdistan Human Rights Network reported that many minors from Western Iran that were arrested during the November uprising were taken to an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence detention centre where they were subsequently abused and tortured.

Corruption is also at the centre of the regime’s policies.

It has been reported that two judges from the Revolutionary Court have extorted protesters. The two judges – Moghisseh and Amouzad – told jailed prisoners during their court hearings that they would be sentenced to a decade in prison if they did not pay them between 100 to 150 million tomans.

One protester that was arrested has since committed suicide. Eighteen year old Siamak Momeni was arrested during the November 2019 uprising and during his court hearing he was told to pay a huge sum to Judge Amouzad. Siamak Momeni told the court that he is simply a modest delivery man and cannot afford to pay a massive sum. The judge said: “So, you will be sentenced to 10 years and you’ll remain in jail until your hair becomes the color of your teeth.”

Siamak Momeni was very concerned about his family, for who he was the main breadwinner. He asked the judge how his family would be able to survive if he was sent to prison for ten years.

When he discovered that he was being sentenced to ten years in prison, he committed suicide by slitting his wrists.

There are many cases like this happening all over the country. The determination of the people to see the regime collapse is getting strong and stronger.

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