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Iraq’s Anti-Iran Regime Protests

Iraqi Protests Protesters have taken to the streets in cities across Iraq

Protests have spread across Iraq again in the past week since the government failed to meet the deadline for ending corruption and the Iranian regime’s meddling, set during the October uprising.

Now, Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Basrah, Najaf, Babylon, Samawah, Diwaniyah, Karbala, Kut, Diyala, al-Amarah and Qana are filled with protesters who are fighting with Tehran-backed militias.

On Sunday, January 26, millions of college students demonstrated in various Iraqi provinces, according to Sky News Arabia, with the demonstrators in Baghdad’s famous Tahrir Square chanting against the mullahs’ regime and their proxies.

There were further clashes between protesters and security forces in Baghdad’s Wathba Square with Tehran-backed militias and oppressive Iraqi forces working together to attack protesters at Baghdad’s Khilani and Wathba squares.

A Sky News reporter said: “Following the departure of Muqtada Sadr’s supporters from the protest squares, we are witnessing a massive march from colleges and schools towards Tahrir Square. College students in the provinces of Dhi Qar, Diwaniya, Basrah and other provinces are also demonstrating in support of the protesters. They are sending this message that their measures will increase in the coming days.”

The oppressive government forces attacked the students and other protesters, opening fire with live ammunition, in Karbala, southern Iraq, leaving at least 20 demonstrators with bullet wounds from hunting rifle shots. The protesters had closed a number of the main and commercial roads in this province to show their solidarity with the general strike. Similarly, demonstrators in Qadessiyah closed down administrative offices to show support for the strike.

In Nasiriyah, southern Iraq, oppressive government forces and militias used live ammunition and tear gas against the demonstrating students, but the student stood their ground and fought back, even as they sustained major bullet wounds. Those in Dhi Qar province rushed to Nasiriyah to support the protester who called for back up against the oppressive government forces.

In Samawah, which is the capital of al-Mothana province, they held a large demonstration against government officials that are corrupt and those that are linked to the Iranian regime. While oppressive security forces in Babylon attacked the protesters on the international highway.

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “The Iraqi people’s anger is far more powerful than any security measure taken by the government.”
These protests will continue until the Iranian regime is kicked out of Iraq because the people are not scared of dying; they are scared of living without freedom. They will not settle for anything less.

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