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Iran: Human Rights Abuses Continue as Pressure Against Regime Mounts

Mary Mohammadi Mary Mohammadi, an Iranian Christian was arrested during recent protests.

The Iranian regime is one of the most brutal, callous and malicious regimes that has ever existed. The people of Iran have been subjected to some of the most horrific abuses of human rights and they continue to this day despite international attention being brought to certain issues.

One area of concern is the Iranian regime’s neglect of the rights of children. A teenager, under the age of 18, was arrested in recent days for tearing down a poster of Qassem Soleimani, the commander that was killed during the US drone strike on 3rd January.

People across the country have been tearing down posters of the commander, in protest against the regime’s portrayal of him as a national hero. The people have made it clear that they do not consider Soleimani as a hero – he is a terrorist and a child killer.

The teenager was arrested in Tehran has apparently been released on bail, albeit conditionally.

Another worrying incident is the disappearance of an Iranian Christian that was arrested during recent protests. The woman, Fatemeh (Mary) Mohammadi, was arrested earlier this month and her family and friends have been unable to obtain any information about her whereabouts for the past ten days.

Ms. Mohammadi converted to Christianity earlier in her life and she has already served time in jail as a political prisoner. She has been very outspoken about her faith and has not hesitated to speak out about the regime’s suppression of the people.

In 2017 she was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison for participating in an underground church meeting. Her sentence was served in the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran.

In summer last year she was arrested again after being beaten by a so-called “Guidance Patrol” agent in the country’s capital. The agent that attacked her and a number of other women claims to have done so to enforce the obligatory wearing of the hijab. Her arrest came when she went to the police station to report her injuries.

In other news, political prisoner Soheil Arabi has moved prison. Authorities are trying to punish the political prisoner for criticising the Iranian regime for the shooting down of the Ukrainian passenger aircraft. He was told that he could withdraw the comments he made and issue an apology for them on TV or else he would be transferred to a prison with poorer conditions.

Instead of giving into the demands of the repressive agents, Mr. Arabi said that he would rather get moved to a prison with poorer conditions. He also declared that he stands by his comments, further adding that the regime is killing people in the streets – people that have the right to protest, express their opinion and demand their rights.

He questioned: “Why do you kill those who protest? We also have the right to express our views. So we made statements and protested the repression of the people. It’s not a crime.”

However, this is treated like a crime in Iran. Pulling down posters of Soleimani is also considered a crime by the regime, with one agent describing it as “blasphemy”.

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