Iran: Photographers Protest in Ahvaz

Iran: Photographers protest in Ahvaz Photographers protest in Ahvaz on Monday, 20 January 2020

A group of photographers gathered on Monday, 20 January in Ahvaz (Iran) to protest the new rules over photography imposed by Iran’s police. According to the new regulation, citizens can only use photos taken by the so-called “+10 Police” for official purposes, such as passport photos. This is causing photographers to lose their jobs.

The protesters held banners, one of which stated:
Unemployment of photographers is the achievement of “+10 Police”

The “+10 Police” is a subset of electronic services provided by police under the rule of the mullahs in Iran, which is provided in offices called “Electronic Police Offices”. The “+10 Police” services include public duty, fuel card issuance, driver’s license replacement, passport issuance, criminal record identification, business license issuance and more.

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