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Iran: Eyewitness Reports About the Student Protests in Tabriz

Tabriz University Students in Tabriz (Iran) protest against the Iranian regime

Protests across Iran by students shocked the regime. These protests were staged against the regime’s deliberate downing of a Ukrainian passenger plain, killing all 176 passengers aboard. One of the students in northwestern city of Tabriz in a report to TME explained the scene about these protests and the regime’s crackdown.

The student said, “Look, I’m in Tabriz. We were more than three hundred people and decided to commemorate the victims of the Ukrainian passenger plane. We were beaten by the security and plainclothes regime agents on the way to the University of Tabriz. We were threatened to be raped and the people from the university were summoned by security forces. The arrested were humiliated and threatened and exhausted.”

The student reported, “We are in a very bad condition”. But as others have reported, “the students are determined to keep the struggle as there is no way to continue with such condition and circumstances, there is no future for the young generation to have any prospect.”

At least seven Tabriz University students were arrested at today’s rally:
“Last night a call to protest was made by the students of the Tabriz University and Tabriz University of Art. We were supposed to gather and light candles for the 176 passengers killed in the regime’s downing of an airliner. Today at 4 pm, students of the Art University held a rally inside the university and chanted slogans. They were scattered by university security and expelled from the university. Students from the University of the Arts at the end of Shahnaz St. moved to the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Maghsoudieh St. Security guards and police prevented them from entering the college and told students: ‘You either disperse or we will take you all in a van(arrested).’”

Students are finally moving to Tabriz University. At six in the afternoon, the university security forces forced the students inside the university to prevent them from gathering in front of the campus and locals from joining them.

Students in front of the College of Agriculture started singing songs and chanting slogans but they were immediately attacked by security guards and plainclothes agents. Security guards were telling female students, “Either get out of here or I will take you myself out and rape you”. According to another witness, another officer tells the male students, “We have prepared these batons to rape you.” According to witnesses, at least seven Tabriz University students have been arrested. Keyvan Anbari (Electrical student), Mohammad Sefid Jame (Civil-Engineering student) and Nima Ahmadian Pur (Civil-Engineering student).

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