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150,000 Nurses Needed in Iran

Nurses in Iran Iran's regime didn't employ nurses

The head of the Iranian parliamentary health commission has admitted to a major shortage in nurses across both the public and private medical systems in Iran.

Hossein Ali Shahriari said: “There are between 80,000 to 150,000 shortage of nurses in the public and private medical centres, according to various statistics.”

He explained that the Iranian government is not allowing new nurses to be hired by hospitals, which means that recently trained nurses are actually emigrating to find work in their field, and this leads to a significant brain drain in the nursing sector.

The situation is even worse than has been announced, according to Heidar Ali Abedi, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s Health Commission. This is not uncommon under the regime as they often hide or under-represent things that make them look bad.

Abedi, quoted by the state-run Arman Meli Website on January 2, said: “There seems to be a shortage of nurses in the country beyond the announced statistics; we receive service from the patient’s accompany because of nurse shortages which are contrary to health law and regulation and there is no such phenomenon anywhere in the world.”

The number of nurses per patient in Iran is lower than international standards, which is six nurses per 1000 patients and three nurses at the minimum. (In most European countries there are 10 nurses for 1000 patients.)

Iran’s figures, according to the secretary-general of the regime’s nursing home, is 1.5 nurses per thousand patients.

This official, quoted on April 18, 2018, by the state-run Mizan News Agency, said: “We need 90,000 nurse forces to meet the international standards, so we can meet the minimum requirements for nursing care provided for patients in hospitals.”

This shows you that this is not a recent phenomenon and that the regime has failed to do anything about it.
Worse yet, the head of the Nursing Organization in Iran, Asghar Dalvandi, said in October 2019 that the country has 30,000 unemployed nurses.

All that needs to be done is to employ them and considering that the regime has stolen untold wealth from the public, we know they have the money to employ even the smallest number of extra nurses.

Meanwhile, Saeed Nemaki, the regime’s Minister of Health and Medical Education, has pledged to hire 19,000 nurses in the public sector in 2020. However, this work should have begun already and there has so far been no news about recruitment tests and the annual recruitment license of 10,000 nurses.

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