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November uprising shows that Iran regime is nearly over

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei The November uprising shows that the Iranian regime is in its’ final stages

The November uprising in Iran was not a simple protest, but rather a revolution that flared up from deep within Iranian society. The Iranian protesters chanted slogans like “Down with Khamenei! Down with Rouhani! Mullahs must get lost!”, “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life is for Iran!”, and “40 years of dictatorship in Iran is enough!”, which showcased their legitimate anger against the regime and their will for regime change.

Compared with previous protests in Iran, the November uprising, which began after gas prices were tripled overnight, quickly became political and terrified the mullahs. That’s why, as the uprising spread to over 190 cities, the regime’s authorities resorted to a vicious crackdown on the protests.

This, in turn, further revealed the regime’s weakness. They opened fire on peaceful protesters, even those who ran and hid. They entered hospitals to shoot the injured and steal the bodies of the dead. They hid the bodies in unmarked mass graves or in random places across the country.

They tried to prevent news of the crackdown from leaking by shutting down the internet for nine days and pressured relatives to say that their massacred loved ones were mentally ill. The regime is trying to hide the protests and the crackdown, even though the Iranian Resistance (NCRI) has reported that over 1,500 were killed, 4,000 injured, and over 12,000 arrested, but why would the mullahs do this if they thought they had done what was right?

Of course, the reason is that they know they will face increased domestic and international pressure if they admitted to the true number of protesters killed or what the arrested protesters are facing. This would lead to another protest and, ultimately, the overthrow of the regime.

The regime is also terrified that the consequences they will face from the international community, so they are trying to distance themselves from the regime’s crimes.

All of this shows that the regime is in its’ final stages because, historically speaking, a regime that opened fire on protesters is about to fall.

This uprising shows that Iran is at a turning point because

• Iranians are ready to overthrow the regime.
• The regime is incapable of handling the situation and maintaining its hold on power
• Rebellious youth are becoming an influential player and a fresh force in Iran
• Iran enjoys an organized movement that leads, teaches and guides the protests
• The Iranian people are backed by an organized resistance that supports Iran’s uprisings worldwide

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