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40 Years After Shah Toppled, Iranian People Rise Up Again

40 Years After Shah Toppled, Iranian People Rise Up Again

For the Iranian people, a revolution 40 years ago was meant to give them freedom from the repressive monarchy that killed Iranians at the will of the Shah. Iranian toppled and buried that monarchy, only to have their revolution taken hostage by an authoritative theocracy that has only taken repression to new levels.

Part of the issue is that the fundamentalist mullahs betrayed the ideals of the revolution due in part to the lack of a viable and organized alternative to the mullahs and their regime. Over the years of the Shah’s leadership, many viable opponents were eliminated, leaving no one to challenge the mullahs or their fundamentalism. Many of those opponents were either killed or imprisoned during the revolution.

Iranian People Rise Again

With that revolution in their past, it seems that the desire for freedom and a true rule by the people has not disappeared. The mullahs had the opportunity to show why their rule was better than the Shah’s, but they have demonstrated just the opposite.

Punishments can be brutal, and those in prison deal with harsh conditions. Executions are on the rise and even those who commit juvenile crimes are still at risk of being executed once they come of age. The Iranian community has suffered through countless human rights abuses, including the 1988 execution of 30,000 political prisoners that is a crime against humanity.

Now after 40 years of corruption and mismanagement, the Iranian people have built a viable opposition alternative that can challenge the regime. The Iranian opposition coalition, known as the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), is working with resistance groups, including the PMOI/MEK, in Iran to organize protests and demonstrations calling for regime change. The Iranian people are showing a burning desire to claim their freedom and democracy for their nation with slogans calling for regime change throughout the uprising and protests that began in December 2017.

The international community has also begun the process of abandoning the policy of appeasement when dealing with the regime. As a result, there is increasing support behind the protesters and the Iranian people from the international community.

NCRI Is a Viable Alternative

NCRI Is a Viable Alternative

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the NCRI and her 10-point plan continues to shine as a beacon for a free and democratic Iran.

She has also repeatedly demonstrated that there is a plan for a change of power once the regime is forced out.

On February 8, there is going to be a Free Iran rally held in Paris. The rally in Paris is a chance for Iranians to demonstrate to the international community that the situation in Iran cannot continue. The regime is a threat not only to its people, but to Europe and the wider world with its terrorist threats.

By supporting the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people, the international community may finally be able to rid the Middle East of the division that the mullahs cause and bring peace and stability to that region.

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