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Iranian Regime Reacting Like a Cornered Animal

Iranian Regime Reacting Like a Cornered Animal

The fight for its survival is the focus of the Iranian regime. With the increasing number of protests and demonstrations, the regime fears an uprising that would mean the end of its leadership and the corruption that has enriched so many of the mullahs and associates of the leaders of the regime.

As the sanctions continue to pile up, the Iranian regime is not willing to negotiate or focus their limited resources on their people. Instead, they continue to fund terrorism and military operations throughout the Middle East in an attempt to spread their influence. Still, the Iranian resistance does not support the international community facilitating regime change through military might.

“The only force which could end the Iranian regime’s terrorism and belligerence is the uprising of the people of Iran with their organized resistance,” said Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). “The time has come for France and the world community to recognize the right of the Iranian people’s resistance to overthrow the theocratic regime and attain freedom.”

International Community Is Holding Regime Accountable

With the withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in May 2018, sanctions have come back into effect. The U.S. plan is to bring the regime back to the negotiation table regarding its nuclear ambitions and human rights abuses. If the regime did renegotiate, it would be the same as admitting that they were in a position of weakness. Their very survival is at stake.

“In such circumstances, the best end game is an end to the malicious dictatorship that has consistently meddled in the region and suppressed its own citizenry. A viable, organized opposition presents the best mechanism to turn things around, to the benefit of global peace and security, an end to the human rights abuses, and a non-nuclear Iran,” said Mohammad Mohaddessin, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Paris-based NCRI.

The regime’s officials are even acknowledging that efforts by Europe to keep the JCPOA alive are limited at best. “It’s true that the U.S. has withdrawn from the nuclear deal and Europe hasn’t. However, in practice they are in line with the U.S. Although on issues that is in their interests, they have their differences,” said Seyed Mohammad Saeedi, the Friday prayer imam in Qom, central Iran.

As companies continue to pull out of Iran to avoid sanctions, the economy is taking another hit. Despite the increase of funding with the JCPOA, the Iranian economy continued to go downhill. Many Iranians are now living in poverty, struggling to care for their families, while the Supreme Leader of Iran has amassed a fortune in the billions. Corruption and mismanagement of the economy, environment, and other resources have left the regime banning even small gatherings for fear that it will lead to an uprising.

Nationwide Protests and Demonstrations Show People’s Rejection of Regime

The Iranian people, along with the resistance units of the PMOI/MEK, continue to protest against the mullahs and their government. These protests started in December 2017, but the repressive efforts of the regime have not stopped the Iranian people.

“A significant development in 2018 was the unprecedented isolation of the mullahs’ on the international level. For years, western governments especially the U.S. had adopted the policy of appeasement of the mullahs. Although some in Europe continue to seek to placate the mullahs, the time is over for the policy of appeasement. This is a great setback to the Iranian regime,” said Rajavi. “Today, the Resistance Units supporting the PMOI are the flames of hope in the darkness of the mullahs’ religious fascism.”

While the regime plunders the nation’s wealth, the people are getting poorer and poorer. There is no respite on the horizon as employment levels drop. Recent estimates suggest that 3 million Iranians can work but cannot find employment. Since the 1970s, the per capita GDP has continued to drop. In the meantime, the level of human rights violations has increased.

The regime wants to protect itself, so it has targeted the PMOI/MEK, the largest group of the Iranian resistance. This targeting includes the execution of 30,000 members of the PMOI/MEK during the summer of 1988. Additionally, the regime uses terrorism throughout Europe in attempt to break the leadership of the resistance. Despite all their efforts to discredit the resistance in the international community, it is clear that the Iranian people are not willing to put up with the regime much longer and the regime fears for its survival.


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