Steel Workers on Strike in Iran as Economy Worsens

Steel Workers on Strike in Iran as Economy Worsens

Anti-regime slogans have increased as the Ahvaz Steel Factory workers’ strike continues for the sixth consecutive day. The workers are demanding unpaid salaries and better working conditions, a common theme across the strikes and protests.

The protest started in Ahvaz, including a march to the governor’s office, which blocked surrounding streets. On Tuesday, the protesters held rallies outside the governor’s office and the Ahvaz Sports Complex, while closing the main gate of the factory. The group met to prevent Eshaq Jahangiri, the first vice president of the Rouhani administration, from entering the complex.

This ongoing protest is just the latest, as the unrest within Iran continues to grow. Striking workers at the Haft Tappeh sugar mill who are continuing their own protest, also encouraged solidarity between protesting groups.

NCRI Issues Statement in Support of Protest

For the Iranian resistance, the importance of these protests cannot be underestimated. They continue to call for solidarity and support for those participating in the strike.

“Hail to the deprived workers of Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Factory and Steel Factory of Ahvaz who have risen up to demand their rights, calling for expansion of the protests by the slogan of “Workers of Khuzestan, unite, unite,” said Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), on Twitter. “Teacher’s sit-ins, strikes of truckers, and demonstration by defrauded protesters are taking place across the country. Workers vent their anger by marching in the streets.”

Rajavi also called on other Iranians to join in the protests. She noted that the corruption of the regime has brought Iran to this state of unrest and poverty.

“Poverty, inflation, unemployment, and corruption were brought to our country by the religious fascism and will continue as long as this medieval regime is in power,” said Rajavi.

Ahvaz Steel Workers Continue to Demand Rights

For the steel workers, this is not the first time that they have gone out on strike this year. It is actually the third time, and each time, the protesters have dealt with beatings and arrests by the Iranian security forces.

In June, over 50 workers and four detainees were beaten at a detention center. It was noted that despite the damage done to these individuals, medical treatment was not offered, and they were not transferred to a medical facility. Additionally, promises made by the regime remain unfulfilled, thus contributing to a growing distrust of the Iranian government, particularly by workers in Iran.

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