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Rouhani calls for hope therapy as retirees join the protests

Life in Iran is a constant stream of protests, as the economic and social pressures grow on the Iranian people. The Iranian regime is weakening, as their ability to control and repress the people is being reduced. Even threats of the death penalty are not enough to keep the people from protesting.

Recently, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the regime as on the verge of death.

“If a doctor tells a patient that you have come too late, the situation is very bad, pray, well this is the end, the patient will go on the verge of death, but for the same patient if the doctor says it is nothing, many had this illness and were healed, it is a bit difficult, but you will go through it, don’t worry, I am at your side, this will be OK by 20%…hope therapy is right. Now speech therapy is not very effective but hope therapy gives hope to the person, says you don’t have any problem, you are alive, and your problem will be solved,” said Rouhani on October 14 during a university address.

Growing isolation as calls for Iran to pull out of Syria

The actions of the Trump administration are isolating the regime and another round of sanctions is likely to negatively impact their economy even further. The goal of the U.S. is to isolate Iran economically, and Rouhani called this a psychological war.

“Delegitimizing the regime is the ultimate goal. ‘Regime change’ is achieved by delegitimizing, otherwise the regime will not change,” said Rouhani.

While the U.S. has not said they want to get rid of the regime, their actions have clearly emboldened the Iranian people. The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has taken an active share in encouraging protests and supporting the Iranian people.

Retirees protest poverty

One of the impacts of all the economic upheaval is that the corrupt actions of the regime are being exposed. Crowds are protesting the poverty that most Iranians now endure, as well as the arrests of protesters and political prisoners.

“Imprisoned teachers must be freed, imprisoned students must be freed, prison is not the place for teachers, cry from all this injustice, the poverty line is six million, our salaries are two million,” said crowds at a rally of retirees who protested on Tuesday morning in Tehran.

Other protests are focusing on environmental issues, as the mismanagement of Iran’s natural resources has brought many industries into dire straits, including farmers.

While Rouhani might believe in hope therapy, the regime may be past any chance such a therapy can be successful.

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