Sanctions and continuing pressure creating chaos in Iranian regime ranks

In order to maintain their level of power, the mullahs have relied on creating discord and division, thus allowing these issues to be a distraction from the corruption and repressive measures taken by the mullahs. However, these distraction techniques are losing their power, as the Iranian people speak out regarding their discontent with the regime.

The people are expressing clear demands, and these demands are not being met by the regime, despite the ongoing protests and strikes, particularly from various industries and sectors that are struggling with higher prices and lower wages. Various Iranian groups, such as teachers, are finding themselves not being paid at all, as the regime takes in millions of dollars in profits from its vast network of companies. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) also controls a large portion of the Iranian economy, meaning that they benefit while the Iranian people suffer.

Protests include chants for regime change

The Iranian people are expressing demands for regime change, while being highly critical of the actions of the mullahs in charge of the government. Threats by the regime that include jail time and torture are not proving sufficient to keep the Iranian people from speaking out. In fact, the people are becoming even more defiant.

The regime finds itself in a position that means the next round of sanctions could lead to the uprising that they fear. Meanwhile, the international community is calling the regime to account for its terrorist activities, including the Arab Parliament. The regime fears these events, seeing them as the beginning of the end. Conferences are being held on how to limit the influence of Iran, particularly within the Middle East.

Chaos in the ranks

As the regime faces various threats to its power, most notably the Iranian people, its leaders have been reduced to blaming each other for the current state of affairs.

Countries, such as Russia, continue to provide support and cover for the regime in the United Nations, but this is not enough as the Trump administration continues to enforce sanctions and call for support in its efforts to isolate the Iranian economy even further.

Other leaders are speaking out against the regime, showing that its leadership is tattering. There is nothing that the regime can promise that will keep the Iranian people from achieving their goal for a free Iran.

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