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Trump’s economic sanctions continue as Volkswagen pulls out of Iran

Volkswagen Agrees to Comply with U.S. Sanctions

With the sanctions against the regime being renewed and new ones added, it is clear that the U.S. and particularly the #Trump administration is trying to bring #Iran to the negotiating table through strongarm tactics. While in the past, waivers might be granted to countries who bought Iranian oil, those are not likely to be granted this time.

The goal appears to be that the Iranian economy comes to a virtual halt, as the regime continues to threaten the international community in hopes of keeping its oil and gas sales from falling any further. In May, U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), calling it flawed. Thus, the sanctions that had previously crippled the Iranian economy were set to be renewed, while the U.S. Congress issued even more.

Volkswagen agrees to comply with sanctions

In another blow to the Iranian regime, Volkswagen has agreed to stop operations in Iran and to comply with the U.S. sanctions, except in humanitarian circumstances.

“We are pleased with this decision because Iran diverts its economic resources away from its people to spread violence and instability across the globe,” said U.S. Ambassador to #Germany Richard Grenell. Other European companies, including Total, Adidas, and Daimler, have all said that they will scale back or abandon operations in Iran. From November onward, companies that buy, ship, or insure shipments of Iranian oil can be banned from the U.S. market.

Trump has warned countries that they have to choose whether they want to do business with Iran or with the U.S. While the EU wants to keep the JCPOA alive, they are not able to force their companies to risk sanctions by doing business in Iran.

Foreign Minister decries Trump’s efforts at talks

While the Trump administration has indicated that they are willing to open negotiations with Iran once more, the regime has rejected such efforts. The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that the U.S. had violated its treaty obligations and that the U.S. mocks calls for #peace.

The Iranian resistance supports a stronger stance with the regime, noting in various statements that previous efforts had been appeasing the regime while allowing it to grow stronger and increase its influence in neighboring countries.

With the sanctions now starting to bite, the regime is facing upheaval at home, as the Iranian people #protest and calls for regime change continue to grow. The main opposition group, #PMOI/#MEK, has expanded their efforts in Iran. Dissidents and political opponents face harsh punishments, including imprisonment, physical abuse, and psychological torture. To stand up to the regime means risking arrest or worse, and also means that their families could be targeted.

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