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Khamenei orders Iran to prepare for attack on Idlib

According to recent reports, Iran’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to retake Idlib Province appears to have the backing of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Ignoring the other domestic and international issues that are plaguing the regime, he is ordering the Iranian government to prepare politically and militarily for the attack on the Syrian province.

Recent visits to Syria by Iranian officials

At the end of August, Iran’s Defense Minister traveled to Syria and told Assad that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and their Iranian mercenaries would remain in the country.

“A group of Iranian volunteers has come to #Syria to fight in Syria who is led by Iranian offers,” said Assad during an interview reported by the IRNA news agency. The Iranian Foreign Minister also indicated that the terrorists In Idlib must be cleared.

It appears that the fight in Syria must be continued at all costs, according to Khamenei. Iranian forces are relocating to the Idlib province. IRGC Brigadier General Javad Ghaffari is also reassigned to northern Syria. He is the commander of IRGC forces in Syria.

The forces under the IRGC include mercenaries from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Others from around Syria have been deployed to the northwestern area of Aleppo.


Concentrations of IRGC troops throughout Syria

Other parts of Syria have concentrations of IRGC troops, and these are setting the stage for an attack on Idlib. There are barracks in the south-eastern part of Aleppo. They also have a garrison in the province of Latakia near Idlib.

Several thousand revolutionary guards and Iraqi groups, including Kata’ib, Hezbollah, Al-Nojaba Movement, Kata’ib Imam Ali, Kata’ib Seyyed al-Shohada and Abdal, as well as Lebanese Hezbollah forces are present around the city of Albu-Kamal on the Iraqi border. It is clear that Iran sees Assad as an ally, but the country is also extending its influence into Syrian politics.

Iranian Resistance calls for IRGC to be expelled from Syria

With the obvious efforts of the Iranian regime to be active in the military attack on Idlib, the Iranian resistance called for the international community to expel the IRGC from Syria.

“The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations Security Council and its member states to prevent the warmongering of the mullahs’ regime in Idlib from leading to a humanitarian catastrophe and to take immediate steps to expel the Revolutionary Guards from Syria. This is necessary to end the war and the slaughter in this country,” said a statement released on September 5 from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). This coalition of resistance groups in Iran includes members of the PMOI and exiled Iranians.

Iran has been involved in Syria throughout its civil war. The Iranian regime has backed Assad, along with Russia. Iran now controls key areas of Syria as part of its path to the Mediterranean sea.

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