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Iran action group to focus policy

The Trump administration is ramping up its efforts to create political pressure on the Iranian regime. In addition to leaving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the U.S. is also imposing previously waived sanctions and instituting new ones. In light of this shift of policy from the previous Obama administration, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the State Department was creating a task force to coordinate punitive measures that are meant to ramp up pressure on the regime.

Secretary of State announces Iran task force

According to Pompeo, the Iran Action Group is going to closely synchronize policy related to Iran across the government. This is the latest step by the Trump administration in line with its goal to end Tehran’s support of various militant groups throughout the Middle East and its behavior that is contributing to the instability throughout the region.

The new task force is also going to reach out to other countries, in hopes of influencing them to contribute pressure on the regime as well. However, many of the European countries that had been part of the JCPOA are unlikely to back the stance of the U.S., since they want to the accord to remain in place and support the JCPOA.

Administration says not trying to overthrow the regime

While the Trump administration has indicated that they only want to see a change in behavior from the Iranian regime, their actions have stirred the pot with ordinary Iranians. Others argue that the demands of the White House, including the 12-point list of demands by the Secretary of State Pompeo, would require new leadership and even a radical change to the political system of Iran.

The new action group will be led by Brian Hook, who also served as a director of policy planning at the State Department. Pompeo also noted that Iran must never acquire a nuclear bomb, and he also indicated that they must stop enriching uranium and allow access to nuclear inspectors on all sites.

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