Iranian mullahs speak out against MEK as protest grow

Within Iran, the increasing number of protests are sending fears through the Iranian regime, as its control and power appear to be slipping away. The protests are revolving around economic and social issues, ones that the mullahs have failed to address. Moves by the Iranian regime in response to the increasing tough stance of the U.S. have also negatively impacted the Iranian people.

In light of the renewed sanctions, the Iranian currency continues to devalue, and inflation is overtaking the nation. There is other evidence to suggest that the Iranian regime has not been a good steward to the resources of Iran. Hence, calls for regime change, and anti-regime slogans, have increased.

Mullahs blame MEK for protests

As the protests continue on a daily basis throughout Iran, the mullahs are attempting to counter the effects of these protests, arguing that the MEK is the real enemy of Iran, not the mullahs themselves.

“One of the issues I want to emphasize is that some people say that the MEK are calling for demonstrations and so on. We stand against them until the last drop of our blood. But this does not mean that we should not see the problems in the country,” said Hassan Nowroozi, a member of the Iranian parliament, during the impeachment of Ali Rabiei, the former Minister of Labor and Social Welfare on August 8.

Others are warning those who are protesting economic and social conditions to not allow the MEK to take over the rallies and change the slogans to ones that are anti-regime and anti-government.

“We want all the students of the seminaries, when there is a protest by the people, to take part in them and shout the slogans. Do not allow the MEK to change those slogans and seize the rallies,” said the Friday Prayer Imam in Pardisan district of Qom.

However, the Iran security forces are active in trying to break up these protests and they have noted that the slogans are shifting to anti-regime ones in minutes, where the earlier protests did not see a change in the slogans for days.

IRGC and others speaks out on threat of MEK

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) noted that the MEK is infiltrating all the protests and demonstrations. They have also acknowledged that their reach is increasing, despite reports in the 1980s and 1990s that indicated the resistance was dead. The regime has actively hunted members of the MEK for years, even those that fled Iran, which has led to multiple assassination attempts, some of which were successful.

The Iran terrorist plotting in Europe is focused on tracking and eliminating the threat to the regime from the Iranian resistance. The Iranian government has even called for the expulsion of the Iranian resistance coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), from France, although this was unsuccessful.

“The remarkable thing is that the entirety of the counter-revolution is designed around the MEK, so that they can topple the regime through using their security and anti-security capabilities,” said IRGC Brigadier General Jalali, who is also the head of the Civil Defense organization on July 14.

The latest round of truckers’ protests has been greeted as another reach by the MEK to swipe at the regime.

“Today, the enemies, and especially the MEK, have targeted the country’s social issues, which was very evident in the truckers’ issue. The truckers were right to ask, but in the shortest possible time, several networks were launched by the MEK in order to express their demands as protest,” said Rabiei, before he was impeached.

It must be noted that the regime cannot admit that the people want real change and so they are quick to downplay the demands of the protests and focus on the role of the MEK instead. Yet, it is clear that the Iranian people do have an agenda of their own, one that involves freedom for themselves and their fellow citizens.

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