Political Prisoners in Iran Speak Out Against Execution

Political Prisoners

For the political prisoners in Iran, being arrested for speaking out against the actions of the regime is common. Those who call for change are faced with long terms of imprisonment, as well as isolation from family and friends, physical abuse, lack of basic necessities, and even torture by the authorities over the prison. For some, however, speaking out can lead to an order of execution, often in front of others by hanging right in the prison yard.

Therefore, real risks exist for those that stand up to the regime and demand change. Political prisoners who are currently in prison, wrote a letter speaking out against the repressive measures being taken by the regime against political prisoners.

After the recent death sentence of Ramin Hosseini Panahi in Sanandaj, the political prisoners wrote a letter entitled, “Hanging is murder by the government, under any circumstances.” They used this platform to call on international organizations and individuals throughout the globe to fight for the eradication of this inhumane form of punishment.

Countries throughout the world have outlawed this punishment, and many have also outlawed executions. The United Nations and other organizations have repeatedly called on the Iranian regime to institute a moratorium on executions, regardless of the charges.

“Unfortunately, this in not the case in Iran; not only has it not diminished over the past century, but has become even more prevalent, and is increasingly used to execute political prisoners. Following the constitutional revolution, many people were murdered with this inhuman punishment because of their political activities, both during the Pahlavi regime and the current regime,” said the letter.

According to Amnesty International, Iran carries out the most number of executions per capita.

In light of the realities for those fighting for change in Iran, and to show support for their efforts, the Iranian resistance is holding its annual event on June 30 in Paris. The event will include members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and allies of the Iranian people. They will gather to discuss the future of Iran and focus on the importance of curtailing the efforts of the Iranian regime throughout the region. In a time where Iran is facing upheaval due to the United States pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the regime’s hold on power is weakening. The question is how much longer the regime will last, but the alternative is meeting in Paris.

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