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Syrian Coalition Meets to Discuss Assad Violations Against Civilians

For many of the Syrian people, life under Assad during this civil war has brought numerous challenges. It has also brought violations of international law. In his determination to remain in control of Syria, Assad has employed chemical weapons and brought in Iran and Russia to back him as he fights the rebels. The results have left the Syrian people struggling and dying with little hope in what seems to be an endless civil conflict.

On Thursday, members of the Syrian coalition met with a delegation from the British Foreign Office to discuss the latest developments in the field, as well as the violations being committed by Assad’s government on the Syrian people. There are myriads of obstacles that prevent Syrians who have been displaced from returning to their villages, towns, and cities, a problem that the coalition also addressed during the meeting.

The latest developments in the political process, as well as the role of the Coalition in the Syrian Negotiations Commission, were also discussed. Both sides also discussed the Coalition’s plan of action for the next phase, including ways to step up efforts in the liberated areas and activate the role of its institutions in the provision of services to the civilian population, especially for those who were displaced from other parts of Syria.

“We continue to believe that a solution in Syria is a political one and through the United Nations in accordance with international resolutions,” said Dima Moussa, Vice-President of the Syrian Coalition. She also emphasized that their allies and friends have an important role in supporting this path, as well as supporting the opposition and the Syrian Coalition in a way that serves the goal of the political process, namely to meet the demands of the Syrian people for freedom and dignity.

The Iranian regime is an ally of Syria’s Assad, and has been part of the efforts to push back against the rebels, but their actions have contributed to the worsening living conditions of those who have been displaced.

“The Assad regime, with the help of its allies, are carrying on with the killings and mass forced displacement of the population. They also continue to detain Syrians in underground dungeons with their fate is still unknown,” said Moussa.

Recently, Assad put Law No. 10 in place, which has the aim of consolidating mass forced displacement and demographic change by preventing refugees from returning to their homes. The law has not yet been implemented, and Moussa called for international intervention on this issue.

For those in Syria, the worsening conditions call for political reform and there is hope that the Coalition can contribute to moving that political process forward, including finding a way to reduce the influence of Iran in Syria.


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