Kazerun protests turn deadly as Iranians call for change

Within Iran, protests are a daily occurrence, and clashes with Iranian security forces are often the result, as the regime fears any demonstrations as the beginning of their removal from ruling Iran. The regime has built a system of corruption that benefits the mullahs, so it is no surprise that they want this cash cow to continue without letup.

For those who were at the Kazerun protest on Wednesday, the violence came as no surprise. It left up to five people dead and approximately 60 injured. One of those killed was a small child. On Thursday, protesters gathered again, this time to demand the release of those arrested during the clash with security forces at Wednesday’s protest.


Videos released from the MEK show the extreme force used by the Iranian regime, including vehicles with metal shields. Many of these vehicles were present in large numbers.

One young man was reportedly shot by Iranian forces and killed. Another woman was killed during the clash with the Iranian forces, as they attempted to break up the protest.

What are these protesters gathering for and risking their lives to say? Simply put, the Iranian workers are standing up for their rights. The right to get paid on time and a living wage. The right to be able to care for their family. They are also standing up for their human right to speak out against a government that is oppressive and stripping the people of their basic rights as citizens.

During the protest, Iranians chanted that their enemy was present in the country and it was not the United States. Others warned the Iranian regime that if they are armed, then watch out. The people of Kazerun are facing having their city split in two by the government, another source of frustration that was vented during the protest. Chants of how Iran supports the people of Gaza, but not its own people were frequently heard.

The regime is attempting to protect itself, and reports from the scene show that they have no problem using deadly force to make the Iranian citizens cower, thus stopping any protest. Approximately 30 people were arrested at the protest, and those arrested face torture, physical abuse, and the denial of their right to a fair trial and legal representation. Many will end up with long prison sentences, as the Iranian regime attempts to cut off potential leaders from the protest movement in Iran.

However, as the unrest continues to grow within Iran. Families are calling for the release of their loved ones, putting their own freedom at risk as a result.

Kazerun was the scene of organized mass protests against the regime in early April as well.

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