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Israel and Iran Issue Accusations Even as Syria Becomes New Battleground

The Iranian attacks on Israel that originated from Syria appear to be opening a new war between the two nations that extends beyond a war of words. The result is that the Syrian people are forced to deal with another military force in their over 8-year civil war.

Earlier this month, Israel launched a ferocious attack into Syria, striking what it claims to be dozens of Iranian positions in Syria, which is a response to Iranian rocket fire into Israel from its Syrian positions. Iran, predictably enough, denied the accusations of the initial attack and denounced the attacks from Israel.

While Israel has indicated that their latest moves are not about opening a new warfront in Syria, but essentially, they feel compelled to stand up to Iran and defend themselves.

“The (Israeli military) has struck dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria,” said Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman. He noted that they had targeted intelligence, logistics, storage, and vehicles, as well as the locations where Iranian rockets were being housed.

Yet these military moves are just the latest in an ongoing and escalating conflict between Israel and Iran. Still, the conflict had been relatively quiet. However, it is clear that the time of quiet is over now.

“This is the first time that Israel has directly accused Iran of attacking it from within Syrian territory since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011,” said Harry Fawcett, an Al Jazeera correspondent located in Jerusalem. “The question is whether that will be a deterrent or whether it could invite further escalation from the other side now that these things are in train, accidental escalation towards further conflict is always a possibility.”

The conflict between these nations could have a larger impact on the region, as the Hezbollah group is funded by the Iranian regime, thus opening up more fronts that can contribute to the instability of the region.

For those who are part of the international community, making significant progress toward peace in the Middle East will always be handicapped by the actions of the Iranian regime.

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