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Iranian Regime Attacks Opposition Using Terrorism and Repression to Protect Their Interests

The Iranian regime and the ruling mullahs have consistently focused on limiting the human rights of the Iranian people. Those who speak out against the Supreme Leader and the ruling class run the risk of not only suffering themselves, but their families being the focus of attacks, imprisonment, and torture.

The Iranian opposition is composed of multiple groups, the largest being the MEK/PMOI. A coalition of these groups has come together, creating the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). In light of the repressive measures of the regime in Iran, many members of the opposition have fled the country. Yet, the Iranian regime has attempted to crush any opposition, even crossing its borders to attack members of the NCRI and the MEK/PMOI. This includes putting pressure onto those governments that have taken in these individuals.

Members of the MEK/PMOI had fled to Iraq, where they were attacked by the regime. While the international community claimed they would protect these individuals, the reality in the camp was different, as Iran was active in attacking them. Albania opened its doors, allowing those individuals to make a home in their country. The response of the regime was to increase its threats against this country.

Edi Rama

“I believe that, for MEK, we did the right thing. We gave accommodations to a group which is persecuted. And that’s it. Regarding to your question about security and threats, we are in the right side of history, we are in a group of countries of euro Atlantic club, which are threatened in the same way. I believe that all these countries take measures against terrorism threats,” said Edi Rama, Albanian Prime Minister. He was responding to a question regarding terrorist threats against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Terrorist plots against the Iranian resistance are not limited to Albania. NCRI statements have repeatedly pointed to the goal of the Iranian regime, which is to demonize and demoralize the resistance. There is a hope that the resistance can be crushed, taking away this potential threat to the regime. Instead, these attacks have drawn attention to the NCRI and the resistance, creating support for the resistance.

What type of terrorist campaign has the regime used against the resistance? While the PMOI/MEK has always been a target of the regime, since the uprising in December and the continuous protests, the campaign has been intensified.

On March 22, Albanian media outlets reported the arrest of two Iranian agents, who were suspected of terrorist activities within the country. A former Iranian Intelligence Minister of the regime noted in 2017 that acknowledged that they have sent spies throughout Europe and other areas abroad. Yet, it seems that these spies had more than intelligence gathering on their minds.

“Since the beginning of the month, intelligence and anti-terrorism agencies have been monitoring 10 people who are said to be able to organize terrorist activities in Albania. All Iranian citizens who enter Albania are under widespread surveillance both at the border and during their stay in Albania. Law enforcement agencies in Albania are in particular worried about Iranians who could be used by Tehran’s secret services to strike a blow to the protection of 3000 members of the Iranian Mojahedin who are refugees in Albania,” said a Albanian television report.

It is not limited to Albania, but it is just another example of how the regime is determined to strip the human rights of others, even those outside of its borders. Using intimidation and fear, they are trying to stop the resistance from speaking out about the abuses in Iran and what the Iranian people have to deal with on a daily basis.

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