Protesting #Iran Farmers Suffer Attack and Arrest After Night Demonstrations

On Saturday, the farmers in #Isfahan protested for the 58th day, despite threats and being called seditionists by Mullah Yousef Tabatabaee during the Friday prayer show. The threats gave the farmers fresh resolve, as they chanted, “Tabatabaee, be ashamed, let go of Isfahan; Today is the day of mourning, the farmer’s water right is under the mullahs’ garb; Their garb is the garb of clergy, their promises are hollow; Our enemy is right here, spuriously they say it is America; Liar Rouhani, where is our Zayandehroud?”

The regime wanted to limit the ability of the demonstrations to continue to grow, so their forces used obstacles and water cannons to prevent others from standing in solidarity with the protesters. The police chief also threatened the protesters and said that any gathering of more than two people was illegal. Iranians frequently are threatened with the loss of their freedom, torture, and ill-treatment in the Iranian justice system for standing up to the regime.

Repressive forces from the regime, after the threats from the police chief, then fired into the air, raided the crowd of protesters, beating those they encountered before arresting 30 people.

The biggest issue is that the lack of water management on the part of the regime has led to the farmers being denied their water rights, and there is concern that the river has been diverted to address other water needs, thus economically impacting the livelihood of the region.

“Those who use water as an excuse to demonstrate…are seditionists, and farmers must separate their paths from these groups…Consecutive gatherings and slogans of people show they are outrageous, and they are after sedition and chaos…The demand for water for agriculture in the present conditions is an impossible and illogical demand…I declare from today on that I will no longer give them the right,” said Tabatabaee Nejad, a representative of Supreme Leader Khamenei. It appeared that he was threatening their access to drinking water if the protests continued.

The Iranian Resistance (#NCRI) salutes the farmers and calls on those in Isfahan to stand with the protesters. They also called on the international community to take measures to have the detainees released, especially those who have been arrested in the last few days.

At midnight on Sunday, suppressive forces from the regime attacked houses in Isfahan to prevent the spread of protests and demonstrations. However, it seems that the protests are continuing to grow, despite all the efforts of the regime to stamp out the voice of the Iranian people.

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