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Rajavi Speaks at Iran New Year Celebration in Albania

As the Iranian New Year began, Iranians Resistance in Albania gathered to celebrate this time-honored tradition, while showing support to the Iranians protesting the regime in their home country.

“This winter, entwined with protests and uprisings, is now going to give its place to spring in such a way to prepare the future year for movement and uprising and for advancement towards victory and freedom,” said Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). She likened the protest and uprisings as part of a house cleaning for Iran, one that would rid the Iranian people of the mullahs and their repressive fundamentalist regime.

At a gathering of members of the PMOI/MEK, the leading opposition group the NCRI coalition, Rajavi spoke about what recent events mean for her country and how the New Year celebration is a signal of big changes.

“This year’s spring has passed through the uprisings. Indeed, this is a spring of uprising. Let us hope that in its victorious journey it would lead to the spring of freedom,” said Rajavi.

The gathering included members of the international community, such as former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani; Albanian Minister Pandeli Majko and his wife, Enkelejda; as well as others. Many of these individuals have long supported the cause of freedom for the Iranian people, including regime change. Rajavi also noted that many young people have become part of the movement for freedom, despite the efforts of the regime to suppress them.

“Indeed, in the face of such brutal repression, so much demagoguery and deception, and so much misinformation to demonize the resistance, where did these countless young protesters all across the country come from? If this is not a miracle, what is your answer? Yes, this is a miracle; a miracle borne out of perseverance. This miracle came about because of a heavy price paid to keep aloft the banner of the regime’s overthrow. This is a miracle borne out of long years of suffering which sowed the seeds of protests and resistance in society every day,” said Rajavi.

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She noted that the people of Iran have the option of a free and democratic government based on justice and equality, and that they should not have to be content with the repressive rule of the mullahs and their fundamentalist regime.

“Our nation has paid the price for the mullahs’ theft, corruption, and incompetence. People have nothing to eat and the economy is in recession. Villages have been destroyed and the cities have become underprivileged…The people’s properties and assets have been plundered,” said Rajavi.


She encouraged the international community to stand with the Iranian people by supporting the expelling of the regime from the region, blocking its access to the international banking system, and shutting down its missile and uranium enrichment programs. In addition, Rajavi called for the international community to stand with the Iranian people and the Resistance by recognizing the democratic alternative in the NCRI.

Her remarks ended with encouragement for the Iranian people and support for those protesting in Iran. Then Rajavi said, “Congratulations on the beginning of the New Year 1397!”

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