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Signs of Protests Increase as PMOI Calls for Iranian People to Rise Up Against the Regime

Signs of Protests Increase as PMOI Calls for Iranian People to Rise Up Against the Regime

The PMOI/MEK and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) are calling for protests during the Fire Festival in Iran on March 13. The response from the regime has been increased security measures. Video from Iran shows the security forces on high alert due to scheduled Fire Festival rallies. Security forces are also forcing bazaar store owners to close down early over concern of Fire Festival protests.

“Tehran has lined up its IRGC and repressive forces all over the major cities to prevent further protests, an act of absolute desperation,” said Alireza Jafarzadeh, a U.S. representative of the NCRI on Twitter.

[videopress ljdU1lJH]

The regime is also threatening to filter Telegram, with the intent to block any attempts to organize through that social media. Protests are feared by the regime, because of concerns that it could lead to another uprising, one that could be successful in ousting the mullahs and their fundamentalism.

On social media, the PMOI is encouraging protests, telling the Iranian people that they have nothing to lose but their chains.

“Now is the time to expand and spread the bastions of rebellion for freedom. I call on my compatriots across the country to rise up and join this uprising,” said Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the NCRI. “Yes, we can overcome the evil of religious dictatorship. We can take down the walls of repression and we can free our occupied homeland. The mullahs must go. Sovereignty belongs to the people of Iran. God bless the protesters across the nation. Long live freedom.”

Investors in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) backed Caspian credit firm are also protesting. This credit firm collapsed, taking most of the money with it. The firm is pointed to as another example of the rampant corruption throughout the regime and its organizations.

Another video clip shows activists setting fire to paramilitary Bassij center in Lavasan, which is in north Tehran. Other videos are spreading on the internet and social media, showing the protesters setting fire to posters of the Supreme Leader Khamenei.

The level of discontent in Iran is great and many individuals have said that one spark is all that would be needed to inflame the situation within the country.

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