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UK and Saudi Arabia Work on Solution to End Yemen Conflict

Saudi Arabia and Britain officials met to discuss Yemen

#SaudiArabia and Britain officials met to discuss #Yemen, and during that meeting, both parties agreed that the best way to end the conflict and humanitarian suffering is a political solution.

British Prime Minister May agreed with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman on the importance of full and unfettered humanitarian and commercial access, which included port access, to Yemen.

According to the Saudi Foreign Minister, his country was drawn into this conflict in Yemen by the actions of the rebels, particularly in light of their targeting Saudi Arabia with missiles that have been intercepted. Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition that is fighting the Houthi rebels in behalf of the internationally recognized government of Yemen.

Solution for Yemen

UK’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said that the #UK has called for an international meeting to discuss a political solution in Yemen, while recognizing the right of Saudi Arabia to protect its borders.

No discussion of Yemen would be complete, however, without mentioning the role of #Iran in the conflict. International leaders have pointed to evidence that Iran is helping the Houthi rebels by providing weapons, but there have been repeated mentions of how Iran has become a destabilizing force in the #MiddleEast.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia supported the transitional process and political dialogue in Yemen, and that the Kingdom will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Yemen after the conflict is ended.

The meeting between the two countries was seen as a positive step forward in their relationship.

“We are working together to strengthen co-operation in other files to present ideas on the Middle East peace process and enhance co-operation in the field of security,” said al-Jubeir. “Saudi Arabia is changing and so is Britain’s partnership with the Kingdom in order to benefit the security and prosperity of both our kingdoms for many years to come.”

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

One of the other topics discussed was the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. Part of this plan includes an objective to diversify the Kingdom from oil into other areas of investment. Al-Jubeir pointed out that there are many changes taking place in his country, and that more are coming in terms of rights for women and other areas.

“This is a big thing that’s happening. It’s a very important thing. That’s why we think it’s so important to try to work with Saudi Arabia as they advance this Vision 2030,” said Johnson.

The two countries have also agreed to monitor the navigation routes in preparation for the reopening of the ports in Yemen.

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