Iraq’s Infrastructure Neglect to Cost Over $100 Billion


The years of war have taken their toll on #Iraq, and now the international community is being asked to help fund efforts to rebuild it. According to recent plans being trumpeted by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his government cronies, there are plans for a wholesale rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure.

Al-Abadi told the World Economic Forum in January that his country required over $100 billion in funds to rebuild its infrastructure. At an international conference in #Kuwait in February, the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister claimed that 76 countries had pledged over $30 billion to the cause of rebuilding Iraq, including #Turkey, the #U.S., #SaudiArabia, and #Kuwait.

Looking deeper

Looking deeper at the needs of Iraq, it is clear that this number is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are multiple areas where funding is going to be needed as the country attempts to stabilize itself.

With all the countries willing to step in and help Iraq, it stands out starkly that the Iranian regime has offered no assistance, despite the role that they played in the destruction of aspects of Iraq’s infrastructure.

The theocratic Iranian regime has systematically contrived to demolish Iraq’s key state institutions and level its cities to the ground. It has done this through the use of its own militias, which have supplanted the Iraqi army, hellbent on the ethnic cleansing of Iraq’s Sunni population.

The resulting power vacuum has been rapidly filled by the theocratic dictatorship, which now has a stranglehold over its neighbor and regards Abadi as its malleable puppet.

Role of Iran

Funds that the Iranian regime has channeled into Iraq have been focused on encouraging sectarian violence and stirring up divisions within the Iraqi population. Not to be outdone, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has also been active in Iraq, controlling groups funded by the regime, including the Popular Mobilization Forces.


Ghasem Solimani 04

Ghasem Solimani Irans IRGC Ghods force in Iraq


Using their control in Iraq, #Iran has created a direct conduit to #Syria, channeling military personnel and resources to prop up Syrian President Assad in his fight against Syrian rebels. Along with this, there is corruption within the Iraqi ranks of government. With the fall in oil profits and the rise of ISIS, it is clear that Iraq suffers from problems that stem, not from a lack of financial resources, but from a myriad of political and fundamentalist problems.

There is also evidence that the Iraqi government’s mismanagement started much earlier with its defaults on the payments to civil servants and abandoning pledges to do work on the infrastructure. With such problems stemming from corruption, Iran has been able to step in and take advantage of the disarray of its neighbor.

Although Iraq needs funds to rebuild its infrastructure, the meddling by Iran and the rampant terrorism should make the international community think twice before investing in Iraq.

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