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Iranian Regime Continues to Stifle Free Speech -Tries Journalist on Fabricated Charges

For those living under the Iranian regime, getting news that is not bias and filled with propaganda meant to make the mullahs’ regime appear invincible. When journalists try to report what is actually happening, many find themselves on the wrong end of the #law. Such is the case for Reyhaneh Tabatabaei, who has been charged with “propaganda against the regime.”


Reyhaneh Tabatab

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) called her charges “fabricated” and calling for the charges to be dropped and for Tabatabaei to be released.She is a journalist and a political activist, this is not the first time that Tabatabaei has been charged. She has been tried in court 3 times in the past 8 years. In 2010, she was arrested under charges of “propaganda against the regime,” and spent 36 days in confinement. Tabatabaei was sentenced to a one-year jail term and has served a six-month sentence in the Evin prison.

Her next arrest and court appearance was in 2014, where she was charged with “trying to deny the supervisory role of the Guardian Council over elections.” The regime takes seriously any threat against their “elections,” real or imagined. Her reporting in that instance meant that she spent one month in confinement and was sentenced to one year in jail. All told, Tabatabaei has spent a total of one and half years behind bars.

IFJ“We are greatly concerned by the fabricated charges that Reyhaneh is charged with. This journalist has been doing her job with due respect to journalistic standards and we see no reason why she should serve any other term in jail for exercising her freedom of speech. We ask the Iranian authorities to drop all charges against her,” said Anthony Bellanger, IFJ general secretary.

While the treatment of Tabatabaei is receiving attention from the international community, her case is not unique. Thousands of journalists and political activists are routinely charged and jailed by the regime in an attempt to minimize the criticism of the Iranian government. #Freedom of speech is frowned upon, and this is considered one of multiple human rights violations that are regularly committed by the regime.

By calling international attention to the plight of #Iranian journalists, it is hoped that the Iranian regime can be held accountable for its treatment of these individuals and to a larger extent, its treatment of the Iranian people.

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