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How credible Is Iran’s Clerical Regime Claim about the suicide of Environmentalist Professor?

Professor Kavous Seyed-Emami committed suicide

The #news was shocking but brief: “Environmentalist professor committed suicide in Evin’s notorious prison!” Who will believe such claim that somebody has been arrested in perfect health on January 24, 2018 and committed suicide on February 4, 2018. Doesn’t it sound strange to world conscious?

#Professor Kavous Seyed-Emami was an environmentalist and in charge of “Wildlife Heritage Foundation” a non-governmental organization. Anyone who is not with supreme leader dominated doctrine is a target. He was not alone for this destiny. He is just one of many that Iran’s clerical regime has announced committed suicide this past few weeks. As #Iran’s uprising is reaching to its final stages to overthrow clerical tyranny, the world will witness more of such crimes. However, strong voice of world condemnation and placing trade and diplomatic pressure would decrease regime ability to use its iron-hand.

Professor Kavous Seyed-Emami

The Iran’s clerical regime has committed many crimes against Iranians due to world appeasement policy such as execution of 120000 dissidents in 70s and 80s. Among them are massacre of political prisoners according to a direct order of supreme leader, Khomeini, then. The families of victims are still awaiting information about the burial location of their love ones and seeking ways to bring the perpetrators of such heinous crime to justice.

The clerical #regimes records are much worst on environment issues. A daily review of environment related news will reveal the facts about the deterioration of environment and living standards of Iranians under clerical rule. Many metropolitan cities air are most polluted and unhealthy to breath comparing with established standards. The damage that clerical regime has done in Iran is in fact not only a severe destruction of Iran’s natural resources but also is a crime against humanity, which not generations Iranians have to suffer and pay for it, also it will affect world’s welfare.

So, the sooner the world conscious voice unites with the upraised Iranians and their legitimate popular resistance leadership Mrs. #MaryamRajavi, the sooner people in the region and around the world would benefit from a peaceful Iran without export of terrorism and fundamentalist ideology.

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