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Kermanshah, Iran: For Second Day Thousands Protest Against High Food Prices

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Kermanshah, Iran to demonstrate against the regime and price rises for the second day.

Urgent – Red situation

The scenes of the uprising in Mashhad on December 28 was the explosion of anger and the culmination of the rebellion of the people against the regime.

The social media campaign named “Against High Living Costs” sparked a country wide demonstration to protest against the high living costs in Iran. Thousands of Iranians in various cities demonstrated yesterday to protest recent rise of price of their basic daily needs such as bread, milk and egg.

The Iranian regime security officials sent a message to all security forces, in which they wrote: “Urgent – Red situation – All forces to present themselves in the field!!!”

Following a social campaign call, demonstrations are expected today in more than 30 cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Rasht and Yazd.

Assistance Security Officer of Tehran province announced that demonstrations in Tehran are forbidden today and said this gives opportunity to the opposition, MEK (the People’s Mojahedin of Iran) to take advantage of the situation to act against the regime.

A statement published by the Mashhad Basij Forces in khorasan province mentioned the MEK joined the yesterday protesters in Mashhad to change the slogans of protesters to the political change in Iran.

Kermanshah, Iran: Young protesters clash with security forces today in a demonstration against high rise of living cost.

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