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NCRI President-elect Rajavi Sends Message to Iranians’ Demonstration in Paris

Rajavi encouraged the international community to make relations with Iran contingent on the improvement of human rights

The Iranian people sent another powerful message to the mullahs’ regime on December 11, at a demonstration in Paris. The gathering included prominent leaders from around Europe, as well as thousands of Iranians. Demonstrators chanted slogans calling for the end of the regime and the removal of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the region. As part of this event, which was held on International Human Rights Day, speakers highlighted the results of the regime’s rule, including the torture, executions, and blatant disregard of human rights.

Part of the event included a message from Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). She noted that the regime spent the last 38 years consolidating power at the expense of the Iranian people.

“Khomeini and his accomplices commenced their rule by suppression of freedoms. The pillars of their regime were based on a sea of blood spilling from the bodies of Iran’s best children, including the victims of the 1988 massacre. Simultaneously, they spread death and destruction everywhere,” said Rajavi.

Throughout her comments, she pointed out how the regime has negatively impacted not only human rights, but the environment, as well as the social and cultural fabric of the #Iranian people.

“They destroyed the country’s education, art, and culture; they ruined its social ethics and devastated the economy; they wasted the environment and waged war and terrorism against our neighbors,” said Rajavi. “The mullahs’ theocracy has literally meant mounting devastation and destruction.”

Maryam Rajavi, Paris, France, 16/12/2017 Ð In an international conference in Paris

When the #Iranian people are confronted by natural disasters, the issues are compounded by the actions of the regime over the past decades. They have instituted polices that have stripped the country of its natural resources, while poisoning the air, stripping the soil, and negatively impacting the water supply.

“Shortage of water and its absence in some regions have created a horrifying prospect and terrible circumstances. Lake Orumiyeh, one of the country’s largest, is drying up. Nothing has remained of the ponds; the trees in the jungles are ruthlessly cut down, and the desert and drought are rapidly spreading,” said Rajavi.

Yet the environmental impact of the regime is not limited to just Iran. The mullahs have spread their influence throughout the region, and that means other countries are dealing with the military campaigns of the regime. Military and security plans, along with the campaigns of the IRGC, have consumed the natural resources of Iran and the territories that the regime has taken over in other countries. Factories to benefit the regime are being built in Syria, for example, which will tap into Syrian resources.

“The ruling mullahs have so far refused to adopt the #Paris Agreement on Climate Change. But whatever their decision, it will not alter the regime’s ravenous destruction of Iran’s climate and environment. They neither have the intention nor the power or funds to bring about such change,” said Rajavi.

The Iranian regime is struggling against internal crises. As a result, they have attempted to turn the attention of the Iranian people outward against their neighbors, in hopes of distracting the Iranian people from the issues at home. Yet, the Iranian people are no longer falling for this distraction. As a result, the regime has to become even more repressive to maintain their hold on power.

#Rajavi encouraged the international community to make relations with Iran contingent on the improvement of human rights, the end of torture, and a moratorium on all executions.

A number #French, European and #Arab personalities participated along with thousands of Iranians in the rally. They included former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali; Jean-François Legaret and Jacques Boutault, mayors of First and Second districts of Paris; Jean-Pierre Michel and Jean-Pierre Brard, former members of the French National Assembly and Senate; Jean-Pierre Becquet, former mayor of Auvers-sur-Oise; Governor Yves Bonnet, former director of DST; Alejo Vidal Quadras, President of the In Search of Justice Foundation and former Vice President of the European Parliament; Struan Stevenson, President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association; Judge François Colcombet; Mehdi Same’e, chair of the NCRI Industries Committee; Pierre Berci, President of the New Human Rights Foundation; and Jacky Duminy, mayor of Ors. Gerard Lauton read out the message of the President of the Teachers’ Syndicate. Mohmoud Ghobash from the Syrian Opposition, and Jamal Al-Awazi, President of the International Press Agency in Paris, also addressed the demonstration of Iranians in Paris on Human Rights Day.

The demonstrators ended their event after 4 hours with the reading of a resolution demanding the overthrow of the regime and their support for the 10-Point Plan of President-elect Rajavi. This plan includes the base of a democratic society with the institution of equal rights, gender equality, as well as equal rights for all religious and ethnic minorities.

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