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Underground Tunnels Indicate Regime Using Military Bases for Weapons Activities

For those who support the JCPOA, the evidence of success is found in the fact that the Iranian regime has been certified repeatedly by the United States and the amounts of nuclear materials have been inspected by the IAEA. Yet, the bigger issue is the material that can’t be inspected, because it is being hidden inside military bases that the Iranian regime will not allow to be inspected.

According to reliable reports, scores of large underground tunnels have been constructed in military complexes, giving the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and the Iranian regime the ability to hide their activities that are related to the creation of a nuclear warhead.

Why is this so important? It is because the JCPOA is in danger of falling apart and the regime has been clear that it can have reactors up and going in a short period of time. That would only be possible if they haven’t really stopped working on their nuclear ambition.

The Iranian regime is led by power-hungry mullahs, who are willing to say whatever it takes to get the international community to soften their stance and allow them to continue in their power grab. It is a power grab that includes contributing to the instability of the region. The regime has increased its efforts to export terrorism, all while keeping the international community focused on the nuclear issue. As a result, the international community is ignoring the human rights abuses and other issues related to the regime.

In their latest report, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has taken the nuclear issue and broken down the actions of the regime. Iran’s Nuclear Core: Uninspected Military Sites Vital to the Nuclear Weapons Programfocuses on the two nuclear programs of Iran, the civilian and the military. The report points out that Iran continues to use its military to support research and efforts to build a nuclear warhead, under the guise of protecting the nation and subtly defying the international community.

The Iranian Resistance, relying on the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), has been active in monitoring the Iranian nuclear program since 1991. They have exposed hidden sites, secret projects, procurements, and even the key figures involved in the program.

This information has been key to the international community uncovering how advanced the Iranian regime is in terms of creating a nuclear warhead. This led to the JCPOA, but the regime also used concealment, stage-managing, fabricating stories, and creating narratives to mislead the world about its actions.

The civilian sector has provided a plausible cover, by establishing nuclear energy projects at the universities. Resources and research can be used on the one hand, and their experts and talented individuals trained and recruited on the other. It has also provided a conduit for procuring dual-purpose technol­ogy and equipment that is ultimately used in the military section,” according the NCRI report.


The regime is so good at concealing its activities that they have even used universities and academic centers for procurement purposes. Some entities at the highest levels of the regime have been key to the smuggling of banned components.

In fact, the regime often does not acknowledge nuclear sites until they have been brought to the attention of the international community by the Iranian Resistance and other sources. Using the military to hide their efforts, the regime continues to work on its nuclear ambitions. This is also at the expense of the Iranian people, who are paying for all these military efforts and their reward is high unemployment and a high level of poverty.

Why does all this continue to occur, despite calls by the regime that they have a moderate change maker as their president? It is because the regime is not capable of real change. Instead, it puts on a mask and a show for the countries within the region, while it secretly continues its activities to increase its control throughout the Middle East.

Look at Syria and Yemen. In both countries, Iran has brought in their own troops, funded militias, and provided weapons to various groups. In both countries, the Iranian regime has increased its control and influence. Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon, owes its existence to Iran. Thanks to funds from the regime, this terrorist organization has been able to become a political powerhouse in Lebanon, creating more havoc and chaos.

The international community needs to stand up to the deception of the regime and focus not only on the nuclear issues, but on the long list of human rights abuses, including the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners. This regime is not interested in being part of the international community, but is interested in consolidating its power at the expense of its own people and regional security.

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