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Executions continue unabated in Iran

The recent NCRI Human Rights Center Weekly Bulletin gives fresh evidence of the level of violence that permeates the Iranian regime.
The death sentence for a man convicted of murder, for example, was held in public on Modares Boulevard. The man was only identified by state-run media as SD.
In Focus Yet, according to the bulletin, there were other men charged with murder that were also executed in September, but these men were hanged within the prisons where they were being held.
Executions are also used as a sentence for those who commit lesser crimes, including rape. However, many of these convicted criminals were not given a fair trial and were often denied legal representation. As a result, members of the international community continue to call for Iran to end these executions. The regime, however, has continued executions unabated.

Public Executions 01
One prisoner was hung in front of his fellow prisoners. He was convicted of having an illegitimate relationship. During his execution, 50 prisoners were assembled by the prison authorities and forced to watch. This type of abuse, both mental and physical, is common for those in prison in Iran.
Another man was lashed and executed for his conviction of killing a girl. His execution was also done publicly. The Ardabil Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor, Pars Abad Prosecutor, judiciary and security officials, along with a number of other officials, were present for the execution ceremony.
These executions are not limited to just men. A woman was executed on charges of murder. According to the Justice Department of Zanjan, the execution was carried out in the central prison of Zanjan.
The killing of government agents is also considered a crime worthy of the death penalty. For example, the governor of Golestan Province said the man responsible for the death of a security agent was hanged in the town of Agh Ghola. He referred to the execution as a retribution sentence, which was confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Public executions 02
Three other prisoners were executed after being charged with murder. One of the individuals was charged with killing a government agent and had already served over 30 years in prison prior to his execution.
These executions often involved solitary confinement prior to the sentences being carried out. Parts of their sentences, including the removal of hands, feet, and lashings, are done prior to the execution. The treatment these prisoners receive could be classified as cruel and unusual punishment.
The Iranian regime also sees nothing wrong in executing those arrested for selling or possessing drugs. Executions for these charges are condemned by international law, yet Iran continues to ignore these violations in favor of continuing the executions.
Two prisoners were hanged in Qazvin Prison after being convicted on drug related charges. Both prisoners had already been detained several years prior to their executions. These men were older and had already served a prison sentence, which would have been satisfactory under international law.
Many of these killings are also meant to be a message to those within the prisons and the Iranian population as a whole. The message is meant to discourage anyone from opposing the regime and its theocracy in any way.
The Chief Justice of Kerman province announced the execution of five prisoners, who he said were threats to security and troublemakers. He also noted their executions were carried out after legal procedures were completed.
All of these examples demonstrate that the call of a moderate Iran is a false hope. Iran’s mullahs are continuing to violate human rights, while claiming that change is possible. Yet, their actions demonstrate that the regime is incapable of true change for the betterment of its people.

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