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Women’s Rights Continue to Be Violated Throughout Iran

From the prisons to the public streets, women’s rights continue to be violated by the mullahs’ regime in Iran. Those who stand up in protest of these conditions are targeted for more severe punishments from the regime. Women have been repressed throughout the lifetime of this regime. As part of its fundamentalist agenda, the regime has focused on keeping women at home and limiting their access to the public sphere, except in specially designated areas. Even parties in private homes must be divided and there should be no mixing of the genders.

Morality police are constantly on the hunt, looking for any potential violations, from dress to being outside of a designated public area. Reports have included beatings and other punishments. More serious violations have resulted in prison time.

Those who attempt to turn the focus onto civil rights also face severe penalities. One such woman is civil rights activist has been detained in Evin Prison. Atena Daemi was charged with “disrupting order and insulting agents” after prison officials made a complaint against her while she was on a hunger strike. She was originally imprisoned on other charges related to her civil rights activities.

Due to the most recent charges against her, she has been banned from getting treatment outside of the prison despite evidence of a gallbladder infection. A source has confirmed that thanks to Daemi’s family, the prosecutor agreed to a checkup by a legal practitioner. However, despite the confirmation of the infection in her kidney and gallbladder, the legal practitioner has disagreed with Atena receiving any treatment outside of the prison.

“Prison officials have not only had shortcomings in the treatment of Atena Daemi, but have accused her of feigning illness and mistreating agents while on hunger strike, and have filed a complaint against her at the Evin Prison Court,” said an informed source.

Another women’s rights activist, Alieh Matlabzadeh, was sentenced to three years of prison. She is also a member of the One Million Signature Campaign. She was charged with gathering and conspiring to commit a crime against the country’s security. The Islamic Revolutionary Court sentenced her to three years.

Violence against women is also on the rise. Child brides are being taken and being made to have children, even though their bodies were not ready for this type of physical activity.

“The plan to increase the age of child marriages was initiated because of an increase in the phenomena of child marriage, which in turn brought about divorced children,” said Tayebe Siavoshi. “(There are) children who become widows or are divorced at the age of 13 or 14 and are also considered guardians of their families.”

He also noted that these children have an increase in miscarriages. These girls are also being deprived of their education and continuing a cycle of poverty. While this fundamentalism is meant to suppress women, the consequences for the women of Iran are becoming more severe.

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