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Inhumane treatment and Cruel punishment by the Iranian Government

The Iranian government has been in the news time and again for inhumane treatment of its people. They are not allowed to live freely and are constantly under scrutiny to live their lives according to the policies set by the government. Anyone found guilty of going against the wishes of government officials is not tolerated and is severely punished. Sometimes they are beaten so severely that they die in prison. Several cases of inhumane and cruel punishments were reported during the last few days in Iran. The government continued to carry out flogging, hand amputation and death sentences even constant pressure from international organizations to stop such activities.

The prosecutor requested hand amputation for five young men who were on trial in Tehran Penal Court on July 12. During the trials, the plaintiffs presented their complaints and pleaded that they did not want hand amputations as punishment. One of the offenders who is a 24-year-old man had come from the village to find work but decided to steal due to not finding work and having money problems. The court sentenced all the offenders to the punishment.

In another report, the State Security Forces beat and arrested members of a family for not being able to present the property documents for their home. According to eyewitness accounts, the State Security Forces arrived on Sunday morning with municipality workers and bulldozed down the Sawari family house, which was under construction.

The family members who were beaten have been identified as Zahra, Mohammad and Ali Sawari from Koy Sadaat in Ahwaz. One of the family members explained that the property was bought from a real estate agent legally and their family had put all their savings into building their home and now they are left with nothing.

An incident involving flogging of a journalist was also reported on 17 July. Arash Shoa Shargh, a 24-year-old journalist from Gilan, was sentenced to flogging and prison. He ran the Gilan-e-No website and was sentenced to three months in prison along with 47 lashes and a heavy fine after the Rasht Prosecutor and other representatives filed a complaint against him.

Notably, six journalists were sentenced to flogging in the past year in various Iranian provinces.

In another case of flogging, a married woman and man were a woman were acquitted from the charge of adultery in court but were found guilty of having an illegitimate relationship. They were given strict sentence including 100 lashes each; the man was sentenced to exile to a city in another province where as the woman was sentenced to one year of forced labor in a welfare center.

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