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Call Goes Out to Stop Actions by Fundamentalism Institutions in Germany


In Germany, the doors have been opened to receive refugees from all areas of the world, including war-torn Syria. Along with these refugees, there are institutions that have also made their way to Germany, but not with the best of intentions toward their host country.

According to a recent release by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the Federal Ministry of Families is participating in a program hosted by two institutions tied to Iran’s regime. The two institutions have been noted for the spread of fundamentalism and terrorism within Europe.

The “Al-Mustafa” mosque is a notorious international terrorism-promoting institution founded by the Iranian regime, under the supervision of Khamenei. This organization is also linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and its declared task is to recruit non-Iranian nationalities.

The BILD newspaper did research and determined that the program, which is expected to be held at the end of July, will be raising funds to be forwarded to the Islamic Community of Shiite Communities of Germany (IGS). This institution has been closely linked to the Islamist leadership of Iran. The constitutional authorities in Germany noted that the ISG was one of the “pro-Iranian institutions in Germany [that] are to be assessed as instruments of Iranian governance representing their theocratic state doctrine, being incompatible with the liberal democratic order.”

As a result of this, the NCRI is calling for the German government to shut down the event and requesting that the Federal Ministry of Families disassociate itself publicly from these institutions. They also condemn the use of public funds to support these institutions, which are tied to the Iranian regime.

At the recent “Free Iran” gathering in France earlier this month, the NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi called on the international community to support the Iranian Resistance, while at the same time, to also not appease the current regime.

The U.S. Congress recently passed a law that includes designating the IRGC as a whole as a terrorist organization. The law still needs to be signed by President Trump in order to be enacted. The current U.S. administration has indicated that the best option for change in the situation in the Middle East is to see a change in the regime in Iran.

The Council of the European Union, back in 1997, noted that agents of the Iranian regime and its Quds Force must be expelled from Germany and Europe.

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