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Historic Resistance Receives Support from the International Community

Solidarity with the historic resistance of the people of Iran for freedom

A number of leaders and members of the international community gathered at the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) President-elect Maryam Rajavi’s home to pay tribute to over 50 years of the Iranian people fighting tyranny and trying to create a free Iran.

Those who came to the event signed a book of solidarity with the campaign, “Free Iran with 1,000 Ashrafs; our goal: regime change!” The event follows the “Free Iran” gathering held in Villepinte, outside of Paris, earlier this month. That gathering included speeches and presentations from global leaders. Countries were represented from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Mrs. Rajavi welcomes members of the international community into her home and showed appreciation for their efforts to guarantee the safe relocation of those who had been Camp Ashraf residents.

“The change of circumstances of the Iranian Resistance, their growing activities inside Iran and the aggravation of the regime’s situation made it clear that regime change in Iran is within reach,” said Rajavi.

She noted that the NCRI represented a resistance that provided a powerful and organized alternative to the current Iranian regime. Protests have been organized throughout Iran, as the Iranian people themselves fight against the oppressive regime.

“This means that our real task has just begun, the task of liberating the people of Iran from oppression,” said Rajavi. Part of the NCRI’s mission is to bring awareness to their 10-Point Plan, which is the blueprint for creating a democratic Iran, where individuals are free to practice their own religion and share their political viewpoints. There is also a focus on gender equality. Finally, Rajavi has repeatedly spoken against Iran have nuclear weapons of any kind. She has indicated that the NCRI is working for a non-nuclear Iran in the future.

Throughout the time period when the 2015 nuclear agreement was being negotiated, Rajavi and the NCRI spoke out against the agreement. They cited numerous flaws, including the appeasement aspects of the deal. In the end, Rajavi has pointed to how the nuclear agreement has emboldened the regime and at the same time, shown their inability to truly help their own economy and people.

The main motto of this gathering and many others is that by supporting the Iranian Resistance, regime change is in reach. For many members of the international community, that is a motto to cheer in the wake of Iran’s continued meddling throughout the Middle East and globally.

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