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John Bolton Speaks at the Free Iran Gathering in Paris

John R. Bolton, an American lawyer and diplomat who has served in several U.S. administrations, spoke about the realities and danger of the Iranian regime. His speech included the critical issues of the Iranian connection with North Korea and the current arc of influence that Iran is trying to build throughout Syria.

“We have a president that is truly opposed the Iranian regime…and the nuclear deal signed by his predecessor,” said Bolton. He noted that there is an ongoing policy review, as is the case when a new administration comes into power in the United States. Bolton noted that Congress is working on additional sanctions related to Iran’s ballistic missile activities.

“The outcome of the President’s policy should be that the (Iranian theocracy) will not last,” said Bolton. The changed circumstances in the international community can support a viable option to the Iranian regime.

North Korea is working on a missile system and it has been noted that they have been sharing information with Iran. “That is proliferation that we need to avoid,” said Bolton. His speech talked about how Iran’s control of a path connecting Iran, Iraq, and Syria has grave implications for the region, including its overall peace and stability.

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Bolton has long supported an overthrow of the regime. He noted that they are unlikely to change their policy, so it is important to change the regime itself.

As part of his speech, Bolton also spoke about the changes in U.S. government and how that can impact the regime change. Bolton has always believed that Iran’s regime needs to change for there to be stability in the region. He has continually supported this stance throughout his time in various administrations.

Bolton was just one of many speakers from the United States, who had served or are currently serving in the government. The focus of their speeches was the impact that the United States can have to support regime change for the Iranian people. Many of their speeches focused on changing policy within the U.S., and the efforts of Congress to create sanctions.

Regarding sanctions, Bolton noted that the regime is calling them a violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement, but he said, “Iran has been in violation of the agreement for two years!” He ended his remarks by noting that the regime’s end was close. After showing support for the resistance, he said that in 2019, “we will celebrate in Tehran”.

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