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The Free Iran Gathering Opens in Paris

During the July 1 gathering of the opposition of Iranians who are working for regime change, the opening remarks focused the gathering on the reason they have come together, as well as messages of support for the resistance.

The first opening speaker, Gilbert Mitterrand, offered a welcome to those who were gathered there and offered the support of the French people to their efforts to create a free Iran. Anwar Malik, a representative from Palestine, also offered support for the resistance and the importance of continuing to work for freedom. He also noted the work of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and President-elect Maryam Rajavi.

Linda Chavez, from the U.S., offered her support and noted that the freedom of Iran was going to come from the resistance of the Iranian people. She also acknowledged the work of the Iranian resistance, including the MEK and the NCRI, and the smear campaign in the media as part of the reality of a regime trying to hold onto power.

“This resistance movement is the strongest that has ever existed,” said Firouz Daneshgari, a surgeon in the United States and a part of a delegation of specialists. He noted that now the Iranian people currently live in conditions without the best care, some selling organs to survive. He outlined a free Iran with the best of everything.

A delegation of youth and atheletes were also present. They noted that the youth are ready to be part of overthrowing this regime. One speaker, Hanifeh Khayeri, whose mother was killed by the regime, noted that the youth were motivated by the leaders of the resistance to overthrow the regime. “Under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, we will certainly overthrow this regime,” said Khayeri.

The opening of the ceremony included a parade of flags, as delegates entered the conference. Another key part of the opening was a video clip of Massoud Rajavi, credited as being the leader of the resistance. “We have been seeking peace for our people. We are here to remind the whole world that we will be united to bring freedom to our people,” said Massoud Rajavi on the clip.

The audience was filled with Iranians and their supporters. The gathering included a variety of speakers from the international leadership geared toward building a democratic Iran and peaceful regime change.

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